Lavita AI: AI+Web3 Healthcare Platform Company Receives $5 Million In Seed Funding

By Noah Long ● May 26, 2023

Lavita AI – a next-generation AI+Web3 healthcare platform – announced it has closed a $5 million seed funding round led by Camford Capital and angel investors from blockchain and AI industries. This funding round will be used to accelerate the development of Lavita’s AI-first platform and applications for patients, healthcare providers, and research institutions.

Lavita’s vision is to transform the way individuals around the world manage, share, and utilize their health data, enabling better access to healthcare services and improving patients’ lives. And Lavita’s decentralized platform provides a privacy-preserving infrastructure for securely sharing and analyzing health data. And it brings ownership, control, and value of health data back to individuals.

Lavita platform is going to enable numerous applications within life science research, biopharma development, and healthcare innovation. For example, individuals and patients are able to use the platform to dynamically identify and match with ongoing clinical trials globally, including those that historically are costly to recruit for, such as pivotal clinical studies, or clinical trials for rare/orphan diseases.

Life science researchers are able to use the platform to convene data cohorts for conducting large-scale population studies such as genome-wide and phenome-wide association studies. And biopharma companies can utilize Lavita platform to securely share data across multiple parties for applications in drug discovery or development partnerships. Health institutions are able to partner on Lavita platform to train and fine-tune their own large language models (LLMs) for their domain-specific use cases such as medical imaging and clinical records.

Lavita – in partnership with Theta Network – will enable individuals to participate in the platform and earn LAVITA tokens, a new set of TNT-20 tokens natively built on the Theta Metachain. And these tokens can then be used to access services from participating healthcare institutions, as well as to participate in Theta Edge Network, a decentralized Web3 infrastructure providing distributed computation and storage for training and fine-tuning healthcare AI models.


“This financing round, as well as our integration with Theta – a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure – enables us to accelerate the release of the first decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace for health data. Health data owners such as patients, health networks and research centers will be able to securely share data in a manner that ensures full control and privacy, to accelerate the development of new treatments for patients. Another key advantage of our platform is how individuals will be able to access and utilize the most advanced AI technologies such as those based on Large Language Models (LLMs), tailored and fine-tuned to their own health information.”

— Ali Farahanchi, co-founder and head of business and operations at Lavita AI

“Lavita AI is the first company to offer practical means for patients to own their digital health assets and information, providing both control and monetization without third party data brokers. One of Lavita’s initial applications will be clinical trial matching built on a custom Theta subchain, allowing multiple stakeholders to access and share sensitive health information privately and securely. Patients will be able to upload their health data, be rewarded in LAVITA TNT-20 tokens and have direct access to clinical trial options without having to rely on physicians for that information. We look forward to collaborating closely with Lavita to expand the utilization of the Theta edge network initially focused on training AI and NLP models.”

— Mitchell Liu, co-founder and CEO Theta Labs

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