Lightspeed Raises More Than $4 Billion For Early And Growth Stage Companies

By Amit Chowdhry ● April 14, 2020
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners announced it raised over $4 billion for early and growth-stage companies

Lightspeed Venture Partners announced it closed Lightspeed Venture Partners XIII, L.P. (Fund XIII) with $890 million, Lightspeed Venture Partners Select IV, L.P. (Select Fund IV) with $1.83 billion, and Lightspeed Opportunity Fund, L.P. (Opportunity Fund) with $1.5 billion of limited partner committed capital.

This scalable capital framework enables Lightspeed to support founders on a global scale when they have the courage and passion to take on risks. And Lightspeed’s global and multi-stage strategy supports exceptional entrepreneurs, in any geography and at any point in their entrepreneurial journey.

For the past two decades, the Lightspeed team has backed hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped build over 400 companies globally, including Snap, Nest, Nutanix, AppDynamics, MuleSoft, OYO, Guardant, StitchFix, and GrubHub. Lightspeed and its affiliates currently manage $10.5 billion.

Lightspeed Venture Partners XIII, L.P.

Lightspeed Venture Partners XIII, L.P. ($890 million) is designed to support founders in their earliest stages of development in the firm’s long-standing enterprise and consumer practices. This fund will invest in the earliest stages of innovation, ranging from Seed to Series A and B.

Lightspeed Venture Partners Select IV, L.P.

As companies need to inflect and scale, they need a partner who can grow with them. The Lightspeed Venture Partners Select IV, L.P. ($1.83 billion) fund will accelerate existing Lightspeed portfolio companies and identify new investments across its global platform. The Select IV fund further cements Lightspeed’s ability to back outperforming companies and to grow Lightspeed’s exposure to outlier portfolio companies as they scale.

Lightspeed Opportunity Fund, L.P.

The Lightspeed Opportunity Fund, L.P. ($1.5 billion) was established as a new fund vehicle for the Lightspeed platform to back breakout companies from across all of the global territories where the firm operates. This is more evident than ever that entrepreneurship is global: 2019 was the first year in venture capital where more breakout companies emerged outside of the US than inside of it. And for over a decade, Lightspeed has worked with some of the most experienced partners and affiliates in China, India and Israel, and recently expanded into Europe and Southeast Asia.

Key Quotes:

“We are editors, not writers,” said Nicole Quinn, Partner, Lightspeed. “Our job is not to see the future ourselves, but to recognize those outlier entrepreneurs who do, and to support them in every way as they do the work to build industry-changing businesses of tomorrow.”

Lightspeed partner Nicole Quinn

“Our global portfolio which spans China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US gives us a view on everything that affects startups, ranging from early regional economic trends, to spotting similar opportunities to serve consumers, small businesses and enterprises seeking new, innovative product needs across geographies. Having global expertise is no longer a nice to have, but a must have if you want to support exceptional entrepreneurs with the ambition to win in their market at any point on their founder journey. Our focus remains the same today as it was in the beginning in 2000–to invest in outlier founders and innovators building enduring companies across the globe.”

-Lightspeed partner Ravi Mhatre