LinkedIn Reveals Deals And Buyer’s Circle Features For Sales Navigator

By Dan Anderson ● August 16, 2018

LinkedIn has announced new features for its Sales Navigator service. With these new features, sales teams are able to expand customer relationships and acquire new business.

Two of the most notable features that were added are known as Deals and Buyer’s Circle. Essentially, these features will be able to help teams forecast and eliminate blind spots within the sales process.

Photo: LinkedIn

Some of the additional features that LinkedIn revealed include Office 365 integration, a new search experience, mobile lead pages, new SNAP partners, and Sales Navigator ideas.


The Office 365 integration allows you to take Sales Navigator actions and see insights without having to leave Outlook for Web Inbox. The new search experience shows result pages much faster and easier. With mobile lead pages, you can see the Sales Navigator experience while on the go.

Adobe Sign has joined the SNAP partner program and Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesLoft set up tighter SNAP integrations.

Plus the new Sales Navigator Ideas feature brings a direct channel of communication between users and the Sales Navigator development team.


With the new deals feature, you can edit the information for an entire pipeline from a single page such as the deal size, next steps, deal stage, and closing dates. And whenever information is modified, then it gets written back to the CRM.

Buyer’s Circle

LinkedIn cited CEB research when it said that there are approximately 6.8 people involved in the whole B2B buying process. With the new Buyer’s Circle feature, LinkedIn Sales Navigator users can pull and display opportunity role information from the CRM like decision makers and influencers.

This enables you to find out if any key people are missing from the deal. When you want to add missing role contacts, Buyer’s Circle allows you to add anyone on LinkedIn by dragging their profiles to a role and it automatically updates the CRM.

Office 365 Integration

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also has a new feature where you can see key insights without having to leave the Outlook for Web Inbox. After you authenticate the Office 365 and Sales Navigator accounts, you will be able to access features such as the profile information, the ability to save a lead and the ability to send LinkedIn connection requests by simply hovering the mouse over a contact. Plus you will be able to see “icebreakers” with those contacts so that you can personalize messages.

New Search Experience

LinkedIn told me that it completely redesigned its search experience and search results page to make the experience faster and easier. For example, the Account Search and Lead Search features are more prominent and there are more streamlined search filters. Plus it is easier to save searches so that you can get alerts any time a person or company on LinkedIn matches your criteria.

LinkedIn also added company hover cards, which allows users to see a quick overview that is mentioned on a search results page by hovering the mouse over the company name without having to leave the page.

Mobile Lead Pages

LinkedIn designed the original Sales Navigator app to complement the desktop version, but it did not include all of the same features. Since the Sales Navigator app is growing in popularity, LinkedIn implemented mobile lead pages into the app. This enables you to create lead pages while on-to-go.

Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) Growth

Adobe Sign has been added as a partner for the Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP). Plus existing partners Salesforce, SalesLoft, and Microsoft Dynamics are becoming more tightly integrated into SNAP.

For example, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics embedded Sales Navigator information more deeply through its lead, contact, and opportunity pages. CRM users can now send InMails directly from within CRM pages.

And through a new SalesLoft integration, LinkedIn actions like research, connect and InMail/messages are at the center of SalesLoft cadences.

Sales Navigator Ideas

The new Sales Navigator Ideas feature creates a direct channel of communication between the Sales Navigator program administrators and the Sales Navigator development teams.

Through Sales Navigator Ideas, admins can submit, vote on, comment on and track ideas. This feature is powered by Aha and you can find the Sales Navigator Ideas in the Sales Navigator Community Portal.