LinkedIn Rolls Out ‘Find An Expert’ Feature To Help You Find Talent

By Annie Baker • Sep 15, 2019

  • LinkedIn announced it is rolling out a feature called “Find An Expert” to help users find talent for certain tasks

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with professionals and the company recently started rolling out a feature to help you find talent. And this feature allows you to quickly ask both your network and the larger LinkedIn community for referrals on who can help you get the job done.

“The same way you might ask a friend for a restaurant recommendation, or a colleague for who you need to pull into a big company project, we find that you’ve already been asking your professional networks for recommendations when it comes to searching and hiring service providers,” wrote LinkedIn Engineering Manager Gaurav Vijayvargiya. “Similar to how referrals can get you in the door for a job opportunity, our research says that 51 percent of business leaders that hired a freelancer found them through a recommendation; and 36 percent of them found the provider through social media.”

Just like how you would create a post on LinkedIn, the company added a button to take you through several simple steps for asking your network for a service provider recommendation. This button can be found on the iOS and Android versions of LinkedIn globally.

When you are on your mobile device, click the share box to create a post and click on “Find an Expert.”

Then fill out information about the type of provider you are looking for such as project details and expectations so that you get the most relevant recommendations. Make sure to review the post and make sure everything looks good before it is published. Then choose who can see your post and whether you only want recommendations from your network or if you want to share more publicly.

After you hit share, the audience you selected will now see your post and either comment directly on the post tagging people who might be able to help or message you to share their recommendations privately.