Mountain View-Based Multi-Cloud Log Management Company LogDNA Raises $25 Million

By Dan Anderson • Dec 12, 2018

LogDNA, a Mountain View, California-based multi-cloud log management system, announced that it has raised $25 million in Series B funding led by Emergence Capital. Initialized Capital, Y Combinator Continuity Growth, and Providence Equity also participated in this round of funding.

Some of LogDNA’s customers include IBM, Instacart, and Lime. These customers currently utilize LogDNA for their production and development environments.

LogDNA now has over 2,000 customers that are using their solutions and the company saw a 5x revenue increase compared to last year. And IBM is going to use LogDNA as its default logging provider for IBM Cloud customers.

With this funding round, LogDNA is going to scale its engineering, sales, and marketing teams. LogDNA is also rolling out new service offerings for supporting customers who also wish to host their products in their own hosting environments.

“The evolution of microservices and Kubernetes have led to an inflection point where one size does not fit all when it comes to application insights.  We have seen a shift to Multi-Cloud environments with data residing across multiple different infrastructures and regions,” said LogDNA co-founder and CEO Chris Nguyen. “LogDNA has a suite of modern offerings that are already resonating with our 2,000+ customers. We are excited to be able expand on our solution and enable teams to view all of their log data regardless of data residency and infrastructure.”

LogDNA’s deployment options enable teams to ingest and aggregate their log data regardless of data residency and infrastructure. And their multi-cloud solution provide DevOps teams with the ability to control cost and manage data volumes. Plus LogDNA is able to collect and analyze logs from AWS, Docker, Heroku, and Elastic in under two minutes.

“As every company in the world becomes a software company, a solution that can quickly and securely analyze logs from multiple clouds and on-premise servers is critical to maximize uptime across the board,” added Emergence Capital General Partner Joe Floyd. “Our entire team agreed that LogDNA has the core functionality, intuitive interface and smart scaling capabilities to be that indispensable solution, and thus we are thrilled to partner with them to bring this game-changer to market.”