Lands $6 Million In Seed Funding For Visibility-First Zero Trust Networking Platform

By Annie Baker ● May 30, 2023 – a visibility-first Zero Trust networking platform – announced its launch with $6 million in seed funding led by Tola Capital with participation from pre-seed investors Emergent Ventures and First Rays Ventures. And Satish Veerapuneni and Saurabh Jain started to help distributed enterprises modernize their network security while leveraging their existing infrastructure.

Many businesses are known for lacking comprehensive network visibility and control across branches, campuses, and the cloud. And Verizon found the increase in ransomware last year was as large as the previous five years combined. But there is a way to mitigate such risk. IBM had reported that organizations with mature Zero Trust programs save $1.5 million on average per breach while highlighting that the proper implementation of a Zero Trust approach has never been more important to reduce the risk of breach and safeguard infrastructure. essentially offers a Universal Zero Trust platform that leverages AI/ML to help organizations increase visibility from campus to cloud, authorize resource access, and segment network traffic to prevent lateral movement. And seamlessly connects to existing infrastructure in an agentless manner, meaning organizations see value from day one.’s new platform helps customers:

— Provision Zero Trust Network Access, Zero Trust Segmentation & Application Experience Management with no agents installed on endpoints

— Consolidate three or more management consoles, reducing complexity for teams

— Achieve cost savings of up to 50% while leveraging your existing infrastructure

— will use the new funding round to expand its product and go-to-market teams in the US and India.


“We make it easy for our customers to visualize their network, authorize access, and segment traffic in order to reduce the risk of breach and improve experiences at a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and all with one unified policy engine. We’re thrilled to have Tola Capital on board as a top-tier partner with its expertise in the IT and Security space.”

— Satish Veerapuneni, Co-Founder and CEO of

“There is an early opportunity right now for AI + Zero Trust networking to secure organizations in the cloud era. The team at has the right DNA to tackle this market and we’re excited to guide its go-to-market efforts.”

— Will Coggins, Vice President at Tola Capital