Data Agility Company MayaData Secures $26 Million In Funding

By Annie Baker ● February 11, 2020
  • MayaData, the company behind the leading Container Attached Storage (CAS) solution for Kubernetes called OpenEBS, announced it will raise $26 million from new and existing investors

MayaData — the company behind the leading Container Attached Storage (CAS) solution for Kubernetes called OpenEBS — announced it will raise $26 million from new and existing investors to further accelerate product development and adoption and improve its ability to deliver global support to enterprises, governments, and service providers. AME Cloud Ventures, DataCore Software, and Insight Partners participated in this funding round.

MayaData software and services turn Kubernetes itself into a data layer and boosts the productivity of small teams building data-centric applications while freeing enterprises from the risks and costs of data and cloud lock-in. And the investment validates the momentum MayaData has achieved for OpenEBS.

The weekly downloads — as measured by container pulls of OpenEBS — increased by more than 500% during 2019. And customers now include companies such as Bloomberg.


Insight is participating int his round via DataCore Software — which is a portfolio company and a leader in software-defined storage. DataCore Software will be contributing intellectual property, personnel, and additional assets. And Insight Partners has made investments in leading container and Kubernetes technologies, including Veeam, Aqua Security, JFrog, Docker, Tigera, Armory, Mirantis, and others.

“We are very excited to be working with DataCore and Insight Partners to deliver data agility to users worldwide. In addition to further investments in OpenEBS and the broader CNCF ecosystem, this transaction allows us to take a huge leap forward in serving enterprises, service providers and governments worldwide,” said Evan Powell, CEO and Chairman at MayaData.

And with this technology partnership, MayaData will be able to utilize DataCore resources that have served the needs of more than 10,000 customers for data storage for business-critical applications. And the proven capabilities like continuous data protection, advanced mirroring, and performance optimizations will augment MayaData products.

“MayaData has become a trusted partner as we have grown our use of Kubernetes for data-centric workloads,” explained Zach Dunn, CISO and Senior Director of Platform Operations at Optoro. “This investment in technology and expertise gives us more confidence in our decision as we believe it will further develop MayaData’s capabilities and leadership in the space.”

In connection with the investment, MayaData announced that Don Duet, former CIO of Goldman Sachs and Jay Kidd, former CTO of NetApp and Brocade Communications, have joined the company’s advisory board. The advisory board also includes Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake and former CEO of ServiceNow and DataDomain.

“We believe containers are the future of modern applications and we see a clear acceleration of adoption of Kubernetes and related technologies by companies of all sizes,” stated Jeff Horing, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Insight Partners. “Persistent storage with advanced data services are a requirement to move more tier-1 applications to these platforms. This is why we are confident in our investments in this space and that with our and DataCore’s support, MayaData’s growth strategy will become the storage and data management technology of choice for Kubernetes users.”