Medeloop: Healthtech Startup Hailing From Stanford University Secures $8 Million

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 22, 2023 – a health-tech startup hailing from the Stanford University campus – recently announced that it had raised $8 million in seed funding to launch an end-to-end solution for early-stage clinical research. This oversubscribed round was led by General Catalyst with participation from Maven Ventures, the Ovo Fund, NV investments (led by Vivi Nivo), Ken Frazier (former Chairman and CEO of Merck), Dr. Linda Grais (former biotech founder and CEO), and more. To date, Medeloop raised $10 million in a year that will drive continued expansion, key hires, and technological innovation.

Medeloop’s AI-driven platform integrates, harmonizes, and analyzes extensive health data using advanced AI tools that have the potential to significantly expedite the clinical research process. And these insights can facilitate breakthroughs in research, even for the most enigmatic diseases. By employing sophisticated AI techniques, this platform streamlines researcher discovery by simplifying grant applications, data collection, harmonization, biomarker and trend identification, and manuscript submissions.

Dr. Rene Caissie created the platform in pursuit of innovative treatment for his daughter’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), diagnosed two years ago. And his surgical background – coupled with his prior success in building and exiting an EMR company – uniquely positions him to lead this mission-driven team. Plus, Dr. Caissie believes the goal to transform a five-year health research journey into a five-week discovery sprint is within reach and will benefit countless patients awaiting cures.

Founders, Dr. Rene Caissie, CEO, adjunct professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and former surgeon, CTO, Raghav Samavedem (AI, Stanford University), Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Josh Walonoski (PhD in genetics, Columbia University), and COO Andy Yakulis (Stanford GSB and U.S. Army Special Ops) have compiled a passionate team from diverse backgrounds and expertise areas, including medicine, healthcare research, military and defense innovation, and AI. This robust combination fuels Medeloop’s strength and determination.

Medeloop has active collaborations with Stanford University, UCSF, UCSD and McGill. And with innovative technology and a mission-focused approach, Medeloop holds the potential to transform healthcare research that can positively impact numerous patients. 


“My daughter’s diagnosis and recovery, facilitated by world-renowned pediatric pain expert Dr. Elliot Krane and others, underscores the need for innovation that offers hope for all humanity on their health journey. That’s why I founded Medeloop. We aim to empower research participants and the ecosystem to establish new treatment paradigms.”

— Dr. Rene Cassie, Medeloop CEO and co-founder

“The Medeloop research platform is nothing short of transformative. Having worked in this field for the past decades, I can unequivocally say that it’s the best I’ve ever seen. Its innovation and functionality represent a new paradigm in health research, positioning it at the forefront of our efforts to understand and combat disease.”

— Dr. Elliot Krane, Pediatric Pain Physician and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University School of Medicine

“With an AI-driven approach, we believe Medeloop can accelerate breakthrough research to benefit patients. The company has the potential to become the first LLM-enabled end-to-end research platform, empowering researchers everywhere.”

— Elena Viboch, Partner at General Catalyst, who will join the Medeloop board