Microsoft CIO, Stuart Scott Gets The Blue Screen Of Unemployment

By Pulse 2.0 Staff ● Nov 7, 2007

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft Corporation announced yesterday that CIO, Stuart Scott [not the ESPN sportscaster] will be let go for violation of company policy.  What Stuart did exactly is a mystery.  The dismissal actually took place last Friday.  Firing people on a Friday is a good time “because it lets people have a weekend to decompress [Source: Guy Kawasaki].”

Stuart Scott’s responsibilities at Microsoft was to manage the technology infrastructure.  Scott reported directly to B. Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft who reports to CEO, Steve Ballmer.  Scott joined Microsoft in 2005 after working for General Electric for 17 years.  Alain Crozier, corporate VP that reports to B. Kevin Turner and Shahla Aly will temporarily take on Scott’s responsibilities.  Turner is the former CIO of Wal-Mart and CEO of Sam’s Warehouse.

Scott’s bio page is still on, but may only be so temporarily.