Microsoft Reportedly Putting Together A ‘Data Dignity’ Team

By Amit Chowdhry ● September 29, 2019
  • Microsoft is putting together a “Data Dignity” team that would give users better controls over their personal data

Microsoft is in the process of putting together a strong “Data Dignity” team for its Chief Technology Officer office, according to ZDNet. This team could help users gain better controls over their personal data. And the Data Dignity initiative would essentially lead to less governmental scrutiny, which is a challenge that a number of Microsoft’s rivals are facing.

ZDNet pointed out that this program was codenamed “Project Bali” as of earlier this year. Project Bali is a “new personal data bank” that puts users in control over the data collected about them. And this would give users ways to store, manage, control, share, and monetize the data.

Recently, The New York Times ran a feature about Microsoft chief scientist Jaron Lanier discussing data privacy issues. Lanier argued that users should get paid for personal data. In the opinion piece, Lanier had used the term “data dignity.”

ZDNet also pointed out that the website features “data dignity” concepts and links the organizations to the Microsoft CTO office under the leadership of Lanier. And the ‘about’ page says: “Here at Microsoft, we have a brand new Data Dignity team headed by Christian Liensberger (now hiring!).” Liensberger works as a principal PM Manager and advisor for Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott.

Microsoft also recently hired William Stasior as the corporate vice president of technology — who works at the “Office of the CTO.” Prior to joining Microsoft, Stasior was the VP of AI / Siri at Apple and the VP of Amazon Search at Amazon.

Featured image credit: Kevin Scott