How Migo Makes It Easier To Select From Multiple On-Demand Ride Services

By Noah Long ● September 12, 2018

Migo is a mobile app that makes it easier to select from multiple on-demand rides, which has recently raised $9 million in Series A funding from Clayton Venture Partners (VC arm of Enterprise Holdings), Hyundai CRADLE, and Thayer Ventures. Existing investors Second Avenue Partners, Via-ID, Rolling Bay Ventures, B37 Ventures, and several Seattle-based angel investors also participated in this round of funding.

Launched in September 2017, Migo was the first app in North America that makes it easier for customers to pick from multiple on-demand ride companies without having to switch between a number of apps. These services include Uber, Lyft, Car2Go, Lime, Flywheel, and Yellow Cab.

“Since launching last year, we have expanded Migo’s coverage and features to test the core proposition that people love multi-modal choice in transportation. It’s still early days for Migo and our customers’ generous feedback has helped us continually iterate to deliver a great app experience,” Migo’s founder and CEO Jeff Warren in a recent statement. “We’ve also worked hard to gain the trust of our partners, and Migo’s engagement and new customer creation rates have exceeded expectations.”

Migo originally just served Seattle and Portland. But then it expanded to 75 more cities across the US after that. And now the company has over 80,000 users.

“We’ve seen the personal transportation market explode since Migo began in 2016, as car manufacturers, bike companies, scooter businesses and more have jumped into the Mobility-as-a-Service space (MaaS). We know from our data that brands matter in the MaaS space, but also that people move around and are interested in easily finding solutions that are appropriate to them in the moment,” added Warren.