Modern Fertility: This Company Makes Fertility Hormone Testing More Accessible

By Amit Chowdhry ● June 23, 2019
  • Modern Fertility is a women’s health company that makes fertility hormone testing more accessible
  • Recently, Modern Fertility announced it raised $15 million in Series A funding

Modern Fertility is a women’s health company that is known for making fertility hormone testing more accessible. And Modern Fertility’s first product makes the same fertility hormone tests found in infertility clinics available for women before they are ready for kids at a fraction of the traditional cost. These tests can be taken at home or in a nearby lab.

Modern Fertility announced recently that it raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Forerunner Ventures and Kirsten Green. And Green will be joining Modern Fertility’s board.

Including this round, Modern Fertility has raised a total of $22 million. Some of Modern Fertility’s other investors include Maveron, Union Square Ventures, First Round Capital, Box Group, #Angels, and Y Combinator.

“Kirsten and the Forerunner Ventures team are ideal partners for us and I cannot wait to charge forward with their support,” said Modern Fertility co-founder and CEO Afton Vechery. “When it comes to consumer behavior, the big challenge in fertility is also our big opportunity. We want to rewire how we think about fertility. It should be proactive, informed and grounded in community and continued learning, rather than reactive and ambiguous. Kirsten will be immensely important in shaping and realizing this vision.”

With this round of funding, Modern Fertility is building more reproductive health offerings that follow its mission to arm women with the information they need for making their own best personal health advocates.

And the funding round will enable Modern Fertility to deliver new experiences and products in reproductive health along with developing its own research for advancing fertility science.

“As an active investor in brands that reshape consumers’ expectations, I am constantly tracking how people’s lives are changing, and where there are high levels of dissatisfaction. The fertility category embodies these dynamics in spades,” added Green. “There is an incredible opportunity for Modern Fertility to be the beloved, trusted brand that women turn to throughout the course of their broader reproductive health experience. Afton and Carly are some of the most impressive entrepreneurs I’ve come across, and their understanding of community, fertility science and modern women’s needs makes them the perfect leaders to see this through.”

Along with broadening its reproductive health offerings, Modern Fertility is deepening its investment in its own cultural and clinical research — which is focused on identifying where women and their partners need more support and developing better predictors of fertility.

Modern Fertility’s focus on the wellness category makes it suited to support the research of the fertile population, an under-researched demographic in the reactive healthcare system in order to improve proactive fertility care.

For the years to come, Modern Fertility is going to introduce better markers of fertility, thus informing its products, impact women everywhere, and push the industry forward.

“As a brand builder and student of consumer behavior, I have the utmost respect for Kirsten and her team at Forerunner Ventures,” explained Modern Fertility co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Carly Leahy. “It’s amazing to see fertility alongside some of the most compelling brands in beauty, fitness, travel and personal care. It’s a very special milestone for women’s health.”