Morf Health: $3 Million Closed To Enable Healthcare Providers To Sync Patient Data

By Amit Chowdhry ● Nov 17, 2023

Morf is aiming to empower healthcare providers to focus on patient care, not tedious administrative tasks or IT. And the company has announced its $3 million seed round led by Kindred Ventures with participation from Uncommon Capital and Asymmetric Capital Partners.

Morf is an integration platform that enables healthcare providers to sync patient data and build custom workflow automation across their tools, eliminating tedious manual processes and empowering them to focus on patient care as they grow.

In the U.S. alone, healthcare administrative work costs $1 trillion a year (one-fourth of all healthcare spending), and it is a major contributor to provider burnout. Morf enables providers to automate that work.

The company founders Montana Scher and James Thompson, met at Parsley Health, where they experienced first-hand the challenges they now aim to address. And they bring a combined 20+ years of experience building complex software and data products in highly regulated markets at scale (at Square, Google, and Earnest Research). They’re now applying that experience to a mission they care deeply about.

Morf was part of the Y Combinator summer 2022 batch, during which they launched their beta program. And in the past year, they have been working with their customers to streamline onboarding for over 10,000 patients.

Morf aims to make it easy for healthcare providers to harness technology for efficient operations, personalized patient experiences, and health outcomes tracking.

This platform makes this possible by giving providers a centralized place to connect and integrate all of their tools. And providers are able to sync patient data, maintain a unified view of their patients, and build custom workflows on top of that data to streamline their operations and reduce their heavy administrative burden. By connecting with each tool intelligently and flexibly, Morf makes it easy for providers to adjust their workflows as their needs change.


“When you look under the hood, it’s remarkable how much duct tape and glue is required to support healthcare delivery today and how difficult it is to track patient progress. We aim to make the infrastructure disappear so that providers can do what they do best and deliver excellent patient care.”

— Montana Scher

“We are excited about Morf’s vision for enabling digital providers to swiftly compose the backend orchestration of a modern system, saving providers time and resources, allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing care for patients. Montana and James bring a rare combination of consumer software expertise, software engineering knowledge, and direct empathy for the healthcare provider problem from their experiences at Square, Google, and Parsley Health, which is reflected in how quickly customers are adopting the tools.”

— Lead investor Kanyi Maqubela, Managing Partner of Kindred Ventures

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