Nextdoor Launches New App For Public Agencies

By Dan Anderson ● February 15, 2020
  • Nextdoor recently announced a new app for Public Agencies, which is a free tool that directly connects local and regional agencies with verified members

Nextdoor recently announced a new app for Public Agencies, which is a free tool that directly connects local and regional agencies with verified members who live within relevant service areas. And the Nextdoor for Public Agencies app allows cities, counties, police departments, fire departments, etc. to quickly and easily reach Nextdoor members with crucial, real-time information.

This app was one of the most requested products by Public Agencies. And it further differentiates Nextdoor as the essential go-to platform for building safer and stronger communities by connecting neighbors and helping them stay informed.

“Neighbors turn to Nextdoor every day to find trusted, relevant information about what’s happening where they live,” said Nextdoor head of product Tatyana Mamut. “We developed the Nextdoor for Public Agencies app to provide even more useful information. Now, our agency partners can securely send information to their constituents with the tap of a button anywhere and anytime—even when they are away from their desk, after hours, or in the field.”

This app is an addition to the other essential tools that Nextdoor offers its Public Agency partners.

“The Nextdoor for Public Agencies app has been the most effective tool for reaching verified residents with real-time, safety-related information,” explained Sedona, AZ Police Department Chief Charles Husted. “With the app, we are now able to post critical Emergency Alerts from the field, which is crucial in our line of work. Just recently, a member of the community spotted and called 911 about a suspect while we were actively searching. It’s truly amazing to see this teamwork between our community and the police department come to life.”

Nextdoor for Public Agencies essentially gives partners instant access to verified neighbors. And government partners will never have to gain followers or worry about connecting with the right residents. Plus members can assure that the information they are receiving is from an official government source. Nextdoor for Public Agencies only allows verified agencies to participate.

With the “Emergency Alerts” feature, agency partners can send urgent information such as extreme weather changes or a missing person alert to specific neighborhoods, police beats, or other custom areas.

There is a “Forward to Police” feature that residents can use to forward crime and safety-related posts and Urgent Alerts to local police staff on Nextdoor. This feature is only available for Law Enforcement agencies.

“We cannot overstate the importance of the utility of this app, both as an engagement tool and as a way to better understand the pulse of our community,” commented Katie Nelson, a Bay Area law enforcement agency representative. With Nextdoor, we better understand what types of information our neighbors need in order to feel safe and informed.”

The Nextdoor for Public Agencies app is available for iOS and Android users in the U.S. And it does not require any additional technical integration and is free for agency partners and residents.