How Nexterus Helps Companies Optimize Global Supply Chains

By Amit Chowdhry • May 3, 2023
Nexterus is a Pennsylvania-based supply chain engineering and technology company (founded in 1946) that helps small to mid-sized companies effectively compete in today’s global marketplace. And the company provides solutions to complex business issues, applying expertise, and sophisticated technology to model, optimize and manage global supply chains. To learn more about the company, Pulse 2.0 interviewed Nexterus Director of Sales & Accounts Chris Schramm.

Chris Schramm’s Background

Schramm has twenty years of sales and management experience in multiple verticals spanning from insurance to construction to warehouse management and IT. And Schramm has been with Nexterus since January 2019.

As the Director of Sales and Accounts, Schramm oversees all revenue generation and client retention at Nexterus. Plus Schramm co-manages the carrier relations and professional services departments.

Core Products

What are Nexterus’ core products and features? The company’s clients count on Nexterus for:

– Best-in-class TMS, soon to be SCMS – Supply Chain Management System

– LTL, TL, and international brokerage

– Freight Bill Audit and Bill Pay Services

– 24/7 Customer Service (Nexterus Employees)

– Claims Management Services

– Professional Services (Network Optimization, Freight Optimization, and Inventory Optimization)

– Warehousing and distribution services

– Contract engineering programs.

Evolution Of Nexterus’ Technology

How has Nexterus’ technology evolved over time? “As one of the original code writers for Transportation Management Systems (TMS) in the US, Nexterus progressed to being a best-in-class provider of a cloud-based proprietary TMS. Progressing from hard copy bills of lading being handwritten for load tenders to an auto PRO number assigning system for tracking and consistency has allowed Nexterus to deliver a competitive product to the market for many years. The future of technology at Nexterus is evolving into a supply chain management system, that will utilize cutting-edge solutions for today’s supply chain hurdles,” said Schramm.


Nexterus’ biggest milestones are considered to be short-lived as the company continues as the oldest logistics company of its kind in the US. From a 50-year milestone to 75-year, Nexterus breaks the mold each year currently at 77 and going strong.

“But with the longevity of the company’s success, comes a separate milestone that also pushes the envelope further on statistics. Nexterus is now operating under its fourth generation of ownership, which only a mere 3% of family-owned businesses reach. Sam Polakoff (CEO) is our 3rd generation and Ryan Polakoff (President) is our 4th generation owner with future generations in sight,” Schramm added.

Customer Success Story

When I asked Schramm about a customer success story, he cited Fibox Enclosures. With global headquarters in Finland and US headquarters in Maryland, Fibox Enclosures is a leader in thermoplastic enclosures that safeguard electrical and electronic components in hostile and hazardous environments. The company’s products are used in infrastructure and utility applications, electronics manufacturing, and industrial plants and they were spending a lot of time overseeing raw material purchases from overseas while also selling to a wide range of customers.

“Fibox needed to find a partner that would be a single source for logistics management services in North America. They also wanted a 3PL that had all the capabilities to address import ocean freight, customs clearance, LTL, TL, and parcel – they found that partnership in Nexterus. Nexterus acts as an extension of the Fibox team to streamline transportation and logistics operations. The project started with a focus on parcel and domestic LTL shipments. Nexterus uses the BrillDog TMS to handle all kinds and sizes of freight, which is key for Fibox as their products can range from parcels to oversized,” Schramm explained. “Nexterus meets with Fibox every 60 days to review freight data and brainstorm ways to improve shipments. By working together, Fibox has been able to leverage Nexterus’ relationships with carriers across the country to handle logistics and mitigate costs. When Fibox’s growth prompted a need for additional warehouse space, Nexterus’ relationships and expertise allowed them to effectively negotiate for that space. Fibox is now able to focus more on its core competencies. The company believes that communication, collaboration, and transparency are critical to the relationship they have with Nexterus.”

Target Market

Nexterus concentrates its sales efforts on small- to mid-sized businesses. And this constitutes all organizations that have revenues of $500 million and under. Plus Nexterus’ value-added service offerings are applicable to any size organization, but the sales efforts are aimed in a specific direction.

Differentiation From The Competition

What differentiates Nexterus from the competition?

“We have a unique blend of everything that a partnership with a logistics company should include. Most of our competitors only provide one or two of the services that we bring to the table, and in most cases are charging for them. Nexterus brings elite-level technology that drives efficiency along with a fully staffed customer service team to be there when you need them. The personal touch of a business partnership is the lifeblood of our business,” Schramm answered. “We also have a strategic account manager assigned to every account, so our customers have a single point of contact for all of their project needs. Where competitors are backing away from claims management, we are investing in our technology to improve the process for our clients. Where our competitors are price-matching invoices, we are conducting pre-audits on every bill to be sure that our clients are not paying for services that were not performed. If you want a partner who cares about the success of our clients and is willing to walk our talk, turn to Nexterus.”

Future Company Goals

What are some of Nexterus’ future company goals? “We are currently in the process of expanding our national account teams to include representation in all major markets across the US. We will continue to be the advocate for the SMB market, bringing world-class solutions utilized by Fortune 500 companies down to a scalable, affordable level for small to mid-size businesses,” Schramm concluded.