Software Reliability Platform Company Nobl9 Raises $21 Million

By Amit Chowdhry ● Feb 11, 2021
  • Nobl9 — a software reliability platform company — announced that it has secured $21 million in Series B funding. These are the details.

Nobl9 — a software reliability platform company — announced that it has secured $21 million in Series B funding and launched its flagship product to define the landscape of the next major innovation in cloud infrastructure operations. This round was led by Series A investors Battery Ventures and CRV. 

And Series A investors Bonfire Ventures and Resolute Ventures are also participating along with new investors Harmony Partners and Sorenson Ventures. The proceeds from the Series B will fund programs focused on customer deployment success, software engineering team expansion, and marketing programs.

The company also announced the general availability of its Nobl9 Service Level Objective (SLO) Platform last week. And the Nobl9 SLO platform is the first SLO-centric operations platform purpose-built to drive widespread adoption of SLOs. Users are able to easily balance infrastructure reliability with the rapid release of software enhancements while optimizing productivity and controlling infrastructure costs. The launch also comes after a successful beta program that began last year.

The company now has more than 50 organizations on the platform from diverse market verticals including financial services, communications, e-commerce, and media. And users include Adobe—which recently gave a presentation describing its use of the Nobl9 SLO Platform—and Brex.

The Nobl9 SLO Platform helps organizations use SLOs for efficiently delivering software reliability. And Nobl9 works with existing monitoring systems and other data sources to collect metrics that are measured against business-justified reliability targets to clarify and limit the cost of reliability. Plus Nobl9 calculates budgets of acceptable error per service threshold and can trigger workflows and alerts in anticipation of outages. This system helps both the software and business teams work together to deliver reliable features faster and at a reasonable cost.

And the Nobl9 SLO Platform lets technology executives look at their engineering culture and system holistically by providing a central system-of-record for service ownership, reliability goals, and the historical track record of service health. Plus the platform gives a strategic view of how to best run services to optimize for the critical tradeoffs: speed of delivery, technical debt, and redundant infrastructure cost.


“Every CEO who is serious about SRE understands that SLOs are the answer to customer demands for more reliable software. End-users want reliable software that meets their expectations for availability and performance. CEOs realize software reliability is central to business performance and profitability. Our platform is exactly what those enterprises need to build the feedback loops that are critical to sustainably running reliable, modern software.”

— Marcin Kurc, co-founder and CEO of Nobl9

“In the last year we’ve seen a rapid change in the mindset of almost every enterprise. Modern software architectures have accelerated a shift in their approach to operating production software. Our beta users rely on SLOs, and Nobl9 is serving a critical role in their production stack. This round of funding gives us the resources to bring our offering to every organization that understands the importance of building reliability into their DNA.”

— Brian Singer, co-founder and chief product officer

“SRE is rapidly changing how app devs and infrastructure operators work together. Enterprise DevOps teams want a solution for SLO management that dovetails with their existing infrastructure investments. The Nobl9 team has built the right product at the right time for this fundamental market shift, and they’ve brought it to market faster than anyone expected.”

— Alex Benik, partner at Battery Ventures

“Software reliability is the next outsized growth opportunity in the infrastructure market, and what Nobl9 has delivered is perfectly situated in a market that’s growing and changing rapidly. We see the trend toward SRE accelerating over the next few years and Nobl9 is leading that transition.”

— Murat Bicer, general partner at CRV