Personalized Oncology Company Notable Announces $40 Million Funding Round

By Dan Anderson • Jul 22, 2019
  • Notable — a company redefining cancer treatment with a clinically validated platform — announced it raised $40 million in Series B

Notable — a company that is redefining cancer treatment with a clinically validated platform that rapidly advances cancer drug development at a fraction of the traditional time and cost — announced it has raised $40 million in Series B funding. This round of funding was co-led by B Capital Group and returning investor LifeForce Capital. Including this round, Notable has raised over $55 million since being founded.

Notable’s approach is able to predict which types of patients are most likely to respond to a drug in as little as 5 days. And this can help patients and their physicians make informed decisions about which clinical trials will be most effective while also increasing the likelihood of a trial’s success.

Notable founder Matthew De Silva had started the company to help his own father — who was suffering from deadly brain cancer.

“Patients with aggressive cancers are in a race against time, but if we can use technology to identify the best drug or drug combination at the time of diagnosis, there is a much better chance those therapies will work,” said De Silva. “We are eager to scale the results we’ve generated with our academic collaborators by expanding our AI platform and automated laboratory to more cancer types. Our team lives and breathes Notable’s mission every day and we’re grateful to have the support of existing investors like LifeForce Capital and new partners like B Capital Group and Industry Ventures who share our excitement,” said De Silva in a statement.

Better matching of patients with therapies increases response rates and can accelerate FDA approval. And in a recent clinical trial, Notable achieved an 84% overall accuracy rate in predicting patient response to drugs or drug combinations.

“We are very impressed with the groundbreaking work Matt and the team at Notable have done over the last few years to change how cancer can be treated with the goal of completely personalized treatment from the point of diagnosis,” added John Noonan — Managing Partner of LifeForce Capital. “LifeForce Capital is increasing its commitment to the company because of the results Notable has already achieved, and because Notable’s technology will continue to help physicians use data to make more informed decisions on which treatments and clinical trials will be most effective for each individual patient. We are proud to invest in technology like Notable with the potential to profoundly improve patient outcomes.”

Notable’s approach has been validated in multiple independent clinical studies conducted by Stanford University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of California San Francisco, Rady Children’s Hospital, and Texas Children’s Hospital, and more.

“We’ve seen what Notable’s technology platform can do to predict patient responses to cancer drugs. They affect patients today by finding the best therapy for each specific patient in a way that other precision medicine tools can’t. That same platform is also ideally suited to identify new therapies and accelerate their progress through clinical trials,” explained Adam Seabrook of B Capital Group. “We are thrilled to invest our time and resources to help Notable deliver precision medicine to patients today and accelerate research on the next generation of therapies in the fight against cancer.”