Mobile Gaming Company Oh BiBi Raises $21 Million

By Dan Anderson ● Updated July 2, 2018

Oh BiBi is a French mobile gaming company that has raised $21 million in funding. This round of funding was led by Atomico. Korelya Capital also participated in this round.

Founded in 2012 by Stanislas Dewavrin and Martial Valery, Oh BiBi is known for developing an arcade racing game called SUP. SUP was downloaded over 30 million times across Android and iOS. And Oh BiBi is going to be launching a shooter game called FRAG for Android and iOS next month.

Oh BiBi’s FRAG game will have a chat and video sharing. And it will also support multiplayer matches for short battles.

“At Oh BiBi we are on a mission to make mobile free-to-play fun to play by focusing on bringing epic multiplayer action games to mobile. Our unique blend of creative approach and data driven infrastructure means we build extremely ambitious games with very small autonomous teams of no more than six,” said Oh BiBi co-founder and CEO Stanislas Dewavrin in a statement. “This means we need to hire the very best of the best in our industry who like working autonomously and this latest investment by Atomico will allow us to turbocharge that hiring and the launch of our first game in the shooter genre FRAG.”

Oh BiBi started building FRAG six months ago. And ever since Oh BiBi started building FRAG, a mobile shooter game Fortnite became extremely popular — which validates the popularity of that gaming category. FRAG will feature more than 40 characters, which can be set up into teams of five in an arena. Each match will be quick and users will be able to switch between teams.