Onehouse: Universal Data Lakehouse Company Closes $35 Million In Series B

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 9, 2024

Universal Data Lakehouse company Onehouse announced it has secured $35 million in Series B funding led by Craft Ventures. And existing investors Addition and Greylock Partners participated in this new round, bringing total funding to date to $68 million.

Onehouse offers an open and interoperable lakehouse with support for the three leading table formats, Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Delta Lake, and with multi-catalog sync across all major cloud data warehouses and lake query engines. And Onehouse enables users to ingest at scale with minute-level freshness, transform data incrementally, and keep tables automatically optimized for performance. Onehouse is delivered as a fully managed cloud service that allows every organization to deploy a lakehouse with minimal engineering efforts.

With this funding, Onehouse is launching two new products designed to increase lakehouse performance and reduce cloud storage and processing costs by an order of magnitude.

Onehouse also now allows organizations at any skill level and resources to deliver maximum value with their data lakehouse by providing insights into existing pipelines and tables, auto-optimizing those tables, and building pipelines in the fully managed Onehouse platform.


“This round of funding is a tremendous validation of the Onehouse mission to make data truly open and interoperable for every organization. I’m excited by the support from Craft Ventures, Addition, and Greylock, which will help us accelerate the development of our fast cloud data lakehouse platform built with universal data interoperability at its core.”

– Onehouse CEO and Founder Vinoth Chandar

“Onehouse enables organizations to deploy a lakehouse in a matter of minutes – a critical function as the data lakehouse has become the standard architecture to centralize data and power new services like real-time analytics, predictive ML, and GenAI. One day, every organization will be able to take advantage of truly open data platforms, and Onehouse is at the center of this transformation.”

– Michael Robinson, partner at Craft Ventures

“Onehouse LakeView is a useful tool for monitoring our Apache Hudi tables.”

– Joy Lal Chattaraj, Staff Engineer at Cohesity

“With Onehouse LakeView, we get all the observability tools we wanted to build for Hudi, without the effort.“

– Shravana Krishnamurthy, Director of Engineering at Cardlytics

“Onehouse LakeView is an easy and useful solution for monitoring lakehouse tables through a comprehensive user interface.”

– Soumil Shah, Data Engineer Team Lead at JobTarget