Ordr Secures $16.5 Million To Build Enterprise Controls For Network-Connected Systems And Devices

By Dan Anderson ● March 1, 2019

Ordr, a Santa Clara, California-based startup led by a number of networking and security industry veterans, recently exited stealth mode and announced it raised $16.5 million in funding. And Ordr also announced it made key executive appointments including executive appointments Chief Executive Officer Greg Murphy and Chairman Dominic Orr.

The $16.5 million Series A round of funding was led by TenEleven Ventures. The original seed investor Wing Ventures also participated in this round along with new investor Unusual Ventures.

Orr led several companies from startup to multi-billion dollar valuations including Alteon WebSystems and Aruba Networks. And Murphy was a former SVP of Business Operations and Strategy at Aruba Networks. Ordr co-founders Pandian Gnanaprakasam and Sheausong Yang were respectively the Chief Development Officer and Vice President of Technology at Aruba Networks. And they have served as senior management team members at companies like Cisco, Forescout, Palo Alto Networks, Ruckus Wireless, and Tenable. Additional board members of Ordr include Wing Venture Capital founding partner Wing Venture Capital and TenEleven Ventures founding partner Alex Doll.

Offering control of network-connected systems and devices for the enterprise, Ordr introduced the first actionable artificial intelligence (AI)-based systems control engine that utilizes existing infrastructure. Plus it can be deployed in minutes with zero impact to existing resources.

“Business leaders need to know that their critical assets are protected and how they are being used. IT and security teams need true closed-loop solutions, not another generation of tools triggering alerts for their staff to resolve,” said Ordr CEO Greg Murphy. “That’s what Ordr is delivering, a cutting-edge yet elegantly simple solution to real-world problems.”

ZK Research founder and principal analyst Zeus Kerravala said that a recent survey found that 61% of respondents had no or low confidence that they knew all the devices connected to the network. This is up from 51% five years ago, which indicates that IT and security teams cannot match the scale of the problem. “Ordr provides granular device visibility at massive scale, along with the ability to predict and prevent incidents before they impact business operations,” added Kerravala.

The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) is considered the only purpose-built solution that fully maps every microscopic device detail and its context at massive scale using machine learning to completely and continuously inspect, classify, and baseline the behavior of every device.

And the Ordr SCE architecture is unique in its ability to process enormous quantities of data in real-time by using sophisticated artificial intelligence to deliver closed loop security and automatically generate policies for each class of device.

Ordr SCE can be seamlessly integrated with incumbent network and security infrastructure management tools in order to implement policies directly and automatically. And it is considered a truly no-touch / agentless protection for business-critical assets.

“The volume and diversity of enterprise devices is growing exponentially,” explained Ordr co-founder and chief product officer Pandian Gnanaprakasam. “Yet there has been no analogous change in the way organizations control their network and security infrastructure. Our founding team spent decades developing those technologies. We knew we could add a new class of intelligence to systems from a spectrum of leading vendors, boosting their ability to deliver true security for the new hyper-connected enterprise. We are enabling an infrastructure evolution without requiring new infrastructure investment.”

Mercy Care CISO Gabe Kimbrough pointed out that every new device that the healthcare organization obtains has a need to connect to the network. And some of those devices are owned and operated by IT while others are managed by Clinical Engineering. Ordr enables Mercy Care to ensure those devices are protected. And Ordr gives them detailed analytics on every connected device, including risks and vulnerabilities in real-time.