Enterprise Cybersecurity Company Panaseer Names New Industry Leaders For Advisory Board

By Annie Baker ● July 28, 2020
  • Enterprise cybersecurity company Panaseer announced that it has lined up a group of talented individuals for its Advisory Board — which includes prominent figures in leadership, sustainability, business, and security

Enterprise cybersecurity company Panaseer announced that it has lined up a group of talented individuals for its Advisory Board — which includes prominent figures in leadership, sustainability, business, and security. The Advisory Board is going to advance Panaseer’s vision of preventing cybersecurity incidents through effective measurement in risk management and help accelerate widespread adoption of Panaseer’s Continuous Controls Monitoring platform with a focus on large enterprises and highly regulated industries.

“Panaseer was the first company to create a Continuous Controls Monitoring platform, which finally solves the cyber metrics and measurement challenges faced by large organisations today. By bringing together this ‘dream team’ of visionaries and experienced leaders we will be able to fully leverage this opportunity as they will be instrumental in enabling us to further enhance our offering and get the word out to the market,” said Panaseer CEO Nik Whitfield.

Robert Swan, OBE was appointed to chair the new Advisory Board. Swan was the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. As a committed environmentalist, he has experience leading and succeeding under the harshest conditions and successfully fundraising — having raised over $80 million for his cause.

“Panaseer is a trailblazer in cyber. Its platform addresses a problem that goes largely unaddressed by others in the market. It thought differently and now is the time for it to capitalise on this foresight. Being a pioneer requires a certain mindset, and I am excited to guide the team on its journey to growth,” explained Swan.

The new Advisory Board team will enable Panaseer to accelerate the forming of this new category of security — which will make a major difference into how enterprise cybersecurity is managed. The members of the new Advisory Board include:

1.) David Fairman — An experienced CSO/CISO, strategic advisor, investor and coach. He has worked as CSO for NAB, CISO for the Royal Bank of Canada, and Deputy Technology Controls Officer and Global Head of Technology Risk and Control at JP Morgan Chase & Co. Fairman is also the founding member of the Security Advisor Alliance and Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange

2.) Andreas Wuchner — Wuchner is a recognized senior executive leader with extensive international general management experience of global diversified businesses and a proven track record. And his focus areas are within highly regulated environments like life science and financial services. Wuchner is currently Head of IT and Risk Governance at Credit Suisse

3.) Raffael Marty — Marty is a cyber veteran with 20 years of industry experience across engineering, analytics, and research. And Marty is currently Chief Research and Intelligence Officer at Forcepoint where he leads Forcepoint X-Labs – which is a specialized group that is dedicated to behavior-based security research and developing predictive intelligence. Marty previously ran security analytics for Sophos. Before that, he launched PixlCloud (a visual analytics platform) and Loggly (a cloud-based log management solution).

4.) James Doggett – Doggett is a renowned security leader, having served as the Chief Technology Risk Officer for AIG, Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Risk Officer for Kaiser Permanente and Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase — the division responsible for Security Services IT Risk. Doggett also spent 27 years at Ernst & Young where he helped build the company’s cybersecurity practice from the ground up

5.) Andrew Jaquith – author of ‘Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.’ Former Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase, where he was the global operational risk officer for cyber and information risk, with responsibility for regulatory affairs and second-line cyber risk management. Previously, Jaquith served as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs for Technology Risk Measurement & Analytics

Panaseer has raised $15.6 million in funding to date and its investors include Evolution Equity Partners, Notion Capital, Albion Capital, Winton Ventures, Paladin Capital Group, and Cisco Investments.