Pepsi Has A New Tagline: ‘That’s What I Like’

By Amit Chowdhry ● January 3, 2020
  • Pepsi announced it is starting off 2020 with a new tagline: “That’s what I like.”

Pepsi is starting off 2020 with a new tagline: “That’s what I like.” This tagline represents Pepsi wanting to usher in a new decade by “encouraging consumers to unapologetically do what they enjoy, even in the face of others’ judgment.”

Some of Pepsi’s previous taglines include “The Choice of the New Generation” and “The Joy of Cola.” The new “That’s What I Like” tagline will appear across new Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, and Diet Pepsi ads and promotions indefinitely starting with the roll out of five new national TV commercials. This campaign is derived from and inspired by Pepsi’s most loyal drinkers.

“Pepsi has always been a brand associated with enjoyment – from barbeques, to baseball games, to meals with family and friends.  And we know that our most loyal Pepsi drinkers take that enjoyment up a notch, so it is no surprise that they are more likely than non-Pepsi drinkers to belt out a karaoke song, binge-watch their favorite shows, or wear their team jerseys to a rival’s home game,” said Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing at Pepsi.  “We created this campaign to pay homage to this unapologetic mindset embraced by our most loyal fans, with a music-forward expression to pinpoint the feeling our consumers have when they genuinely enjoy themselves in an uninhibited way.”

The new TV ads include “Glow Up,” “Fade Away,” “DJ BBQ,” “Subway,” and “La Lavandería.” And these ads features every day people getting lost in moments and dancing in unexpected places.

“We’ve worked extensively to evolve and deepen our understanding of the Pepsi consumer,” added Joe McHugh, Senior Director, Insights & Analytics, Pepsi. “By leveraging both broad qualitative and quantitative research, we’ve unlocked rich consumer learnings that have enabled us to fine tune our brand communications in a meaningful way that resonates with our unapologetically passionate and loyal Pepsi drinkers.”