Personalized Talent Development Program Company GrowthSpace Raises $15 Million

By Annie Baker • Oct 9, 2021
  • GrowthSpace — a global leader in personalized talent development programs — announced that it has secured a $15 million Series A investment round. These are the details.

GrowthSpace — a global leader in personalized talent development programs — announced that it has secured a $15 million Series A investment round. The funding round was co-led by M12 (Microsoft’s venture fund) and Vertex Ventures. And this latest round of funding brings GrowthSpace’s total amount raised to $19 million. This round of funding will be used to grow the company’s team globally and expand its proven, first-in-market technology, which connects employees to relevant experts at scale.

GrowthSpace is known for providing an algorithm-powered system backed by real-world skill mapping that ensures the perfect matches between employees and experts every time. And the GrowthSpace platform addresses the most critical issues associated with traditional coaching and mentoring programs, including their inability to scale and difficulties associated with the measurement of employee progress. Plus the platform delivers digital training, coaching and mentoring, as well as lectures and workshops, to any location in the world. The result is collaboration that ensures that corporate training objectives are achieved.

Through GrowthSpace, companies no longer have to dedicate budget to one-size-fits-all learning and development programs with unpredictable results. And instead, one-on-one development sprints from GrowthSpace facilitate cooperation between employees and managers, enabling them to define and execute challenge-based professional growth programs that are linked directly to business KPIs.

The GrowthSpace approach to employee learning and development – which integrates over 300 hard and soft competencies, taught by close to 1,000 experts in more than 30 languages across some 40 countries – has been enthusiastically received by global enterprises in support of both training and employee retention. And 96% of employees who have experienced a GrowthSpace program and 80% of their direct managers have reported improvement in the desired business KPIs. One primary reason for the company’s explosive growth is that companies have been looking for a modern solution to retain employees, which is increasingly difficult in today’s fragmented remote workforce.

Customers currently using the benefits of the GrowthSpace solution include Applied Materials, Checkpoint, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Nespresso, Gainsight, and Taboola.

The design and implementation of GrowthSpace’s model ensures sufficient oversight so that talent development programs stay on a path towards desired results, ultimately leading to better training outcomes for both employers and employees.


“We deeply believe that there is greatness in everyone. If you had just one employee to develop, you would understand their challenge and match them with an expert in that specific challenge, right? This is precisely why we created GrowthSpace – to deliver the world’s most accurate and effective learning and development solution, leveraging data to achieve great results. We’re thrilled with the Series A investment from Microsoft’s M12 and Vertex Ventures, which will enable us to grow and bring our data-driven and highly personalized employee development approach to more companies in corporate America that want to take their learning and development to the next level.”

— Omer Glass, GrowthSpace co-founder and CEO

“GrowthSpace helped us match the right experts with the right employees. By using the advanced data capabilities of the GrowthSpace platform, we could track employee progress before, during and after each personal development sprint and correlate those activities to business results. The ability to offer tailored and personalized professional development not only to executives, but also mid management and individual contributors, is aligned with our innovative, employee-centric culture that leads to better, happier and more fulfilled employees. Because I saw the effectiveness of the program in my own company, I became a GrowthSpace investor.”

— Liad Agmon, Dynamic Yield CEO

“Companies of all sizes strive to realize value from learning and development programs, while employees want and need solutions that will help them achieve their next career goals. The GrowthSpace platform provides an effective learning and development framework, including much-needed skills-matching and data and analytics to determine the true ROI of employee coaching. Their solution is a breakthrough because it brings professional, personalized coaching to every employee, at-scale, and the company has built an impressive track record in a short time.”

— Irad Dor, partner at M12

“With a powerful solution and a capable team, GrowthSpace is in the right place at the right time. Several of our portfolio companies are already using GrowthSpace. In fact, we discovered GrowthSpace after asking members of our HR forum, which includes all the human resources managers from our portfolio companies, to identify the most valuable and meaningful platform they are using. GrowthSpace emerged as the clear answer.”

— Aviad Ariel, general partner at Vertex Ventures