Pipefy: This Company Raised $45 Million To Make Lean Management Accessible To Those Responsible For Workflows

By Noah Long • Jul 16, 2019
  • Lean Management platform company Pipefy announced it raised $45 million in Series B led by Insight Partners

Pipefy ― a rapidly growing Lean Management platform company ― announced it raised $45 million in Series B funding led by Insight Partners. Existing investors OpenView and Trinity Ventures also joined the round. Including this round, Pipefy has raised over $65 million.

This new round of funding will be used for continued product investment and scaling the company’s go-to-market operations. Plus Pipefy will aggressively pursue its vision to make Lean Management accessible to everyone responsible for processes or workflows.

How does Pipefy work? It empowers managers to create and run efficient workflows and IT assistance is strictly optional. And its software offers a self-service platform for managers to design, deploy and measure the performance of new digital workflows.

“Our vision is to empower every do-er in an organization to create and execute their own custom workflows,” said Pipefy founder and CEO Alessio Alionco in a statement. “We are excited to bring the benefits of Lean Management to managers in every business — without needing technical skills or lean training.”

And Pipefy’s platform enables teams to break free of low-value manual work. By utilizing Lean Management principles, the software enables users to take control so that they can have a greater impact at work.

“The founder and CEO’s passion and product vision are easy to root for,” noted Daniel Demmer ― a Partner at OpenView and a member of Pipefy’s Board of Directors. “We’re excited to work with Alessio and the growing Pipefy team to build on their early success in enabling lean management of business processes.”

Pipefy is also recognized for driving successful RPA (Robotic Process Automation) deployments, enabling exception management and serving as an agent to revolutionize the way people work. And Pipefy’s technology automates repetitive, tedious tasks, freeing workers to use their talents for higher-value efforts, such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

“What really excited us about working with Pipefy is their lean management platform that creates efficient workflows for businesses,” added Jeffrey Lieberman ― Managing Director at Insight Partners. “Their focus on building a best-in-class product using lean management principles showcases their commitment to innovative technology. We look forward to working with Pipefy as they scale-up their product development and U.S. expansion.”

Ever since Pipefy was founded in 2015, it has grown at over 300% annually with customers in more than 150 countries, ranging from small businesses and venture-backed start-ups to large enterprises including IBM and Capgemini. Pipefy originally started out in Brazil before it relocated to San Francisco. And the company also has offices in Curitiba, Brazil and Austin, Texas.

“Today, Pipefy is revolutionizing workflow management while creating the operating system of tomorrow for growing enterprises,” explained Karan Mehandru ― Trinity Ventures general partner and Pipefy Board Member. “The technology is built with a product-first approach and has been adopted by end-users who just want to make things work. Agile and Lean have already disrupted the product development space; Pipefy brings this capability to entire enterprises, enabling organizational transformations using Lean management concepts.”