Plenty: $2.75 Million Raised For Modernizing Wealth Building For Couples

By Annie Baker ● May 27, 2023

Plenty – a financial platform that helps couples discuss, manage, and invest money together – recently announced its $2.75 million pre-seed capital raise to provide more accessible wealth-building opportunities that meet the needs of dual relationships. The investors in this round include Phenomenal Ventures, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s 35V, former CEO of Wealthfront, Adam Nash, xtripe angels, and Inovia Capital.

Millennials are currently at a pivotal point. And they have been reaching their highest earning years but they are also facing some major financial headwinds: student debt, rising home prices, and increasing interest rates have all made building wealth and achieving financial goals feel intimidating and out of reach. And as most millennials are now in dual-career relationships, life milestones like marriage, homeownership, and starting a family are looming on the horizon or already here.

Plenty was launched in 2022 by Emily Luk and Channing Allen – who met working together at Even (acquired by Walmart-owned One), a startup that focused on ending the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. At that company, Luk and Allen discovered how broken the traditional financial planning landscape was for everyday millennials. 

With high upfront price tags, potentially predatory advice, onerous action items, Luk and Allen saw an opportunity to bring an affordable, fresh, and tech-first approach.  And after a decade each in Silicon Valley, they both saw firsthand the ways where it’s easier to grow wealth when you’re already wealthy. And as they built Plenty, they explored how to give access to exclusive funds and advanced, algorithmic strategies that were previously out of reach for the everyday household.

After getting engaged in late 2021, the two of them struggled to find products that supported their reality as millennials looking to plan their finances together. With a partner-oriented approach to finances, the company’s goals-based investing platform simplifies and automates the financial forecasting and investing process for couples who are looking to plan toward life milestones and reach financial freedom together.

Plenty is available for both individuals and couples through an affordable membership that provides exclusive access to their wealth building platform, partner functionality, a cash management product offering 13x the national savings APY average, and an automated direct indexing strategy that historically required a $500k investment minimum.


“Everybody deserves a chance to live and dream without worrying if they can afford their dreams. That’s true financial freedom.”

— Emily Luk

“Figuring out how to reach that point shouldn’t be dependent upon whether or not you can afford to pay for knowledge, whether it was normal for your family to talk about money, or if you have a minimum amount of wealth already. This industry seems to have missed the reality that our generation has grown up, we’re mostly partnered up, and what we need now is different from what we needed 10 years ago. We’re looking forward to changing that, and we’re grateful for the support of industry leaders who see the same opportunities that we do.”

— Channing Allen

“Managing your financial life is difficult enough for one person, but building a financial plan for a couple? That’s a whole different ball game. Different priorities, different fears, and different goals. I’m excited to be a part of Plenty’s journey from the beginning.”

— Adam Nash, Former CEO of Wealthfront

“We’re impressed with the founding team’s expertise in building fintech products that people love. For too long, wealth-building tools have been out of reach for many and only available to a privileged few. Plenty is creating equitable access for everyone, and we’re pleased to be a part of their story.”

— Meena Harris and Helen Min, Co-Founders of Phenomenal Ventures