Memory Augmentation Company Polarity Raises $8.1 Million

By Dan Anderson ● August 15, 2019
  • Memory augmentation platform company Polarity announced it raised $8.1 million in Series AA funding led by TechOperators

Polarity — a memory augmentation platform built to power teams with instant access to critical information — announced it raised $8.1 million in Series AA funding led by TechOperators. And additional investors in the round include Shasta Ventures, Strategic Cyber Ventures, Gula Tech Adventures, and prominent angel investor Oliver Friedrichs (former CEO and founder of Phantom Cyber Corporation and Immunet). This round of funding will be used for expanding Polarity’s offerings with hosted versions in addition to expanding engineering and sales teams.

“The promise of Augmented Reality to enhance human intelligence and boost productivity is world-changing,” said Polarity co-founder and CEO Paul Battista. “Most knowledge workers sit in front of a computer screen for the majority of their day. For the vast majority of knowledge workers, looking through a pair of goggles to look at another screen is uncomfortable and inefficient. We deliver the benefits of AR without the bulky and socially awkward headsets.”

Polarity is known for developing computer vision algorithms for enabling IT admins, analysts, cybersecurity and enterprise professionals to capture, recall, and share intelligence across workflows, curbing threats and solving time-sensitive business issues with up-to-date intelligence — all in real-time. And Polarity’s customers range from a 20 person managed security service provider through Fortune 10 enterprises and the US federal government.


“Augmented reality used to be in the realm of science fiction, however, it is now fully functioning technology that is being deployed across a significant portion of the Fortune 100,” added Polarity co-founder and CTO Edmund Dorsey. “Leveraging our experience enabling teams of intelligence analysts, we understood how to design information displays that had the ability to enhance human memory and analytical capabilities.”

Polarity’s on-screen overlays reduce cognitive load by helping knowledge workers keep track of data beyond the capacity of human memory. And the platform’s unique, headset-free AR experience provides users with exceptional data awareness and recall capabilities. By adopting Polarity’s augmentation platform, analysts and security teams are able to efficiently and intelligently collaborate, resulting in both higher performance value per worker and a more secure enterprise overall.

“Our entire team is thankful to the trust and vision of our investors,” explained Polarity co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Joseph Rivela. “We are looking forward to this next wave of implementing our technology across government, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries — there is vast potential for how this technology can be applied.”

Polarity’s board of directors now include Tom Noonan and Daniel Ingevaldson. Noonan is a VP at TechOperators and is the former chairman, president, and CEO of Internet Security Systems (acquired by IBM for $1.3 billion). And Ingevaldson is the previous co-founder of Endgame, which recently announced a planned exit with Elastic. Ron Gula — the previous CEO of Tenable Network Security — is one of Polarity’s early investors and board of directors members.

“When the Chief Information Security Officer of a Fortune 500 company mentioned we should check out Polarity, we were thrilled to meet the team. When we saw the tech for the first time, we were even more excited to be involved,” commented Tom Noonan of TechOperators. “Legacy tools simply can’t keep up with the ever-evolving barrage of security threats and time-sensitive decisions faced everyday by organizations. The Polarity team has an optimal combination of real-world experience and an innovative approach to drive the adoption of augmented reality across the enterprise.”