Port: Open Internal Developer Portal Company Secures $18 Million

By Annie Baker • Sep 18, 2023

Port – an open internal developer portal company – recently announced that it had raised $18 million in new funding for a total of $23 million raised. The Series A funding round was led by Team8 with participation from seed investor TLV Partners. Angel investors, including Yoav Landman (CTO of Jfrog), Shlomo Kramer (co-founder of Check Point, Imperva and Cato Networks), Aner Mazur (former CPO, Snyk), and Eyal Manor (former CPO, Twillo) joined the round. In the last few months, Port has seen rapid adoption, gaining dozens of paying customers and a vibrant community as software organizations invest in platform engineering.

In the past year, Platform engineering has emerged as a major movement that seeks to provide a better, productized experience to developers – making them self-sufficient while leaving operations teams the time to innovate and improve the core platform. And the focus of platform engineering is to drive developer self-sufficiency and productivity through the creation of reusable developer self-service flows that abstract away complex devops processes. Internal developer portals are known as a unified developer experience that’s streamlined through the use of a software catalog, self-service actions, scorecards and automations, all customized to each engineering group.

Port is an open and flexible developer portal, enabling users to define their own data models of the software catalog and unify metadata that exists in silos all over the tech-stack, from CI/CD data, through vulnerabilities, alerts, incidents and more. This not only helps developers but also drives better engineering quality by setting organizational standards in scorecards and golden paths.

As part of Port’s commitment to developing an open product, the company also announced the launch of Port Ocean, an open-source extensibility framework that enables anyone to create exporters, self-service actions, automations and integrations and add them to Port.


 “Platform engineering is taking off so fast because software companies are desperate to make sense of the hundreds of tools and processes that today’s developers are expected to worry about. Lightening that cognitive load for devs lets them soar. Of all the different approaches to solving the problem, Port truly understands that a developer portal needs to be able to meet the needs of a million different tech stacks while still being simple to implement and maintain. The company’s rapid success since its launch led us to back Port as the best, most flexible developer portal to deliver the platform engineering revolution.”

– Liran Grinberg, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Team8

“Every organization delivers software differently. This means that a developer portal must adjust itself to the developer’s specific needs, the SDLC, and the engineering tech-stack. Port provides platform engineers and developer experience groups the tools to build the portal they need, streamlined with how the business does engineering, instead of forcing an opinionated and rigid structure and tools.”

“Since Port launched last November, the company has gained hundreds of organizations using its developer portal, including dozens of paying customers. This success is driven by user involvement, with users offering features, creating integrations and sharing knowledge in Port’s community.”

“Port’s operating mode is openness, with an open product community, an open product roadmap and an open free version of Port. We’re incredibly lucky to have this movement behind us and for all the support we’ve been getting from our users since day one.”

– Zohar Einy, Port’s Co-founder and CEO