PrivacyHawk: Personal Data Protection Market Company Secures $2.7 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 17, 2023

PrivacyHawk – a pioneer in personal data protection – recently announced it has received $2.7 million in funding. ff Venture Capital (ffVC) led the most recent round, including investments from Nufund, Alumni Ventures, AngelList, Gaingels, Duro Ventures, Sandhill Angels, and Seraphim Ventures. ffVC, Tech Coast Angels, Duro Ventures, and Gaingels invested in a prior round.

The company is pioneering a new category of personal data protection. And the product protects individuals’ personal data from falling into the wrong hands, which is becoming one of humanity’s most pressing issues. PrivacyHawk’s data and digital footprints are critical parts of our identity and can be used against us if we don’t protect them. Plus, technology to protect personal data is needed because it’s too complicated for individuals to manage and protect their data without it.

The company will use the funding to support growth in sales, marketing, and product development in its mission to protect personal data and reduce everyone’s risk of being targeted by fraud and cybercrimes. And product enhancements will include additional automation and the use of AI to help identify digital footprint vulnerabilities and optimize the ability to remove those exposures.


“We are excited to be part of PrivacyHawk’s journey to help protect the personal data of everyone. We have been following the privacy and personal data space for a long time and believe not only the time is right for a service like this in a huge global market that addresses a real burning need for all Internet users, but also the team is amazing.”

— John Frankel, lead investor and founder of ff Venture Capital

“Our personal data has emerged as one of the most valuable things about us. It also puts us each at enormous risk of fraud, identity theft, hacks, scams and spam. PrivacyHawk is building a future where people’s data can be automatically protected from falling into the wrong hands by reducing their digital footprints.”

— PrivacyHawk CEO and co-founder, Aaron Mendes

“PrivacyHawk delivers personal data protection through robotic process automation and advanced technology, enabling individuals to confidently navigate the digital landscape without fear of data compromise. We’re committed to a future where everyone has transparency and control over their personal data.”

— PrivacyHawk CTO and co-founder Justin Wright