SaaS Management Platform Productiv Raises $45 Million

By Dan Anderson ● April 18, 2021
  • SaaS management platform company Productiv announced it has raised $45 million in Series C funding led by IVP. These are the detail.

SaaS management platform company Productiv announced it has raised $45 million in Series C funding led by IVP with additional participation from existing investors Accel, Norwest Venture Partners, Okta Ventures, and new strategic investor Atlassian Ventures. In connection with the funding, Steve Harrick of IVP will join the Productiv board of directors.

This latest funding brings the company’s total funding raised to $73 million and underscores the company’s continued momentum. And during the last year, Productiv has more than tripled revenue and doubled its headcount, added an impressive roster of enterprise customers including DocuSign, Kayak, PagerDuty, SentinelOne, Robinhood, and GlobalLogic. And the company welcomed technology industry veteran Aashish Chandarana as Chief Information Officer.

The CIOs today struggle to spread their time, effort, and budget between supporting an ever-expanding and complex SaaS portfolio and working on transformative business initiatives. And the unstoppable uptake of SaaS applications means that finding an effective balance between both priorities is not sustainable—at least in its current form.

Productiv offers CIOs actionable insights and intelligent recommendations, enabling them to focus on real, measurable business outcomes. And by distilling previously scattered information into a single pane of glass, Productiv helps enterprises understand exactly how their employees are using SaaS. And better usage and adoption data coupled with customizable automation of everyday tasks allow CIOs and their teams to focus on the projects that actually grow their business.

The all-remote workforce accelerated companies’ SaaS adoption during the last year with businesses working to enable their employees to collaborate, communicate, and connect. Gartner is projecting that by 2022, global SaaS spending will reach nearly $140 billion — up from just over $100 billion in 2020. As a result, CIOs struggle to create an effective digital employee experience while properly managing their enterprise SaaS footprint.


“We’re solving a problem that every company faces today: an explosion in the number of SaaS applications in use—always hundreds, sometimes thousands—with more and more purchased outside of IT. Managing all of these applications is overwhelmingly complicated in breadth and depth: from securing, provisioning, and renewing apps to answering questions of ‘am I getting fair business value from each. And that’s not even addressing the more important question, which is about the larger employee experience—as an IT leader, am I truly enabling collaboration and productivity across the entire organization? The answers to all of these questions is via data, analytics, workflows, and automation, and that’s what we do at Productiv.”

— Jody Shapiro, founder and CEO, Productiv

“CIOs are constantly bogged down with operational, transactional work and app-by-app management that quickly becomes unsustainable. Productiv was founded to offer CIOs a comprehensive, central source of truth that includes the data and workflows needed to unlock the value hidden in the business’s sprawling set of applications. Productiv puts the CIO back in the driver’s seat and empowers today’s agile businesses to make coordinated, cost-effective, and data-driven SaaS management choices.”

— Steve Harrick, General Partner at IVP

“From enabling data-driven forecasting and budgeting, to improving our security posture, to driving intelligent license automation through no-code workflows, Productiv touches every aspect of our SaaS process. With Productiv as our collaboration hub for SaaS, we’ve already seen marked improvements in collaboration across many teams and have seen further impact on employee experience and efficiency.”

— Brian Hoyt, CIO at Unity

“Productiv provides real-time application usage data for better visibility to understand the effectiveness of our applications for our employees. With Productiv’s highly customizable workflows, we’ve been able to automate some of our most complex and tedious license provisioning needs based on actual employee usage patterns, leading to material savings and dynamic license allocation. This ensures our employee experience is second-to-none while also staying capital-efficient—two key priorities for our business.”

— Milind Wagle, CIO at Equinix