Project Management Workspace Company Height Raises $14 Million

By Noah Long • Oct 4, 2021
  • Height announced recently that it raised $14 million in Series A funding. These are the details.

Height announced recently that it raised $14 million in Series A funding led by Redpoint Ventures. And the company also released its public beta, delivering a powerful project management workspace for fast growing organizations.

Since launching in a private beta in August 2019, the product has resonated with hundreds of teams with over thousands of people on the waitlist during private beta. Spearheaded by early Stripe employees responsible for several noteworthy projects including the first versions of Stripe Checkout, Stripe Atlas, and the Stripe iOS app, Height will use this investment to build market awareness, ramp up product innovation, and support an aggressive hiring strategy.

Even though organizations are becoming increasingly cross-functional, teams continue to be siloed in different project management tools. And tools that are good for one team, don’t work for others, limiting adoption across the company.

All of this adds up to consequently slow the ability of teams to make decisions and ship new products quickly. And unlike traditional project management tools, some of which were designed 10 or more years ago and haven’t evolved the UX to the current standards, Height provides an intuitive and flexible platform. Height is used by fast-growing startups such as Fivetran, Clubhouse, Mighty, Watershed, Cocoon, Runway, Ambrook, Transcend, and more.


“Each of us at Height has experienced the pain and frustration of existing project management tools — keeping tasks up-to-date was difficult, getting visibility into other teams’ roadmaps was a constant challenge, and helping teammates to understand and adopt the tool day-to-day an uphill battle. We started Height to solve these issues and make collaboration — especially cross-functional project management possible. And the response has been hugely validating. We’re really excited to release Height as public access to let more teams around the world get things done faster. I’m excited to grow our company with the help of Tomasz Tunguz and the Redpoint team.”

— Michael Villar, founder and CEO of Height

“Fivetran adopted Height because we wanted a company-wide task management tool, and we found Height was uniquely capable of that. We now have 500+ employees across every function using Height as our sole task management tool.”

— George Fraser, founder and CEO of Fivetran

“I’ve been loving Height. Was just telling my cofounder today how amazed I am at how powerful it is plus how many use cases there already are across Cocoon for Height. There are certain applications I hadn’t even thought about Height for employee onboarding, but turns out it’s a perfect tool!”

— Mahima Chawla, Cocoon co-founder & CEO