Seattle-Based Pulumi Raises $15 Million To Grow Its Cloud Native Platform

By Noah Long ● October 22, 2018

Pulumi, a Seattle-based cloud-native platform company, announced that it has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Madrona Venture Group. Tola Capital also participated in this round of funding.

With this round of funding, Pulumi is planning to accelerate the growth and adoption of its cloud-native development platform for teams across all sizes. Tola Capital managing director Sheila Gulati will be joining Pulumi’s board of directors in conjunction with this round of funding.

“Tola Capital was founded on the idea that there is a software revolution happening and that giving developers the ability to architect and build applications for a multi-cloud world is a cornerstone of how computing is changing,” said Gulati in a statement. “Pulumi delivers on this vision and enables developers to build for the cloud using the language they know best. We look forward to continued partnership with the Pulumi team through this next stage of adoption and growth for the business.”


Launched by Joe Duffy and Eric Rudder earlier this year, Pulumi is looking to reinvent the way that developers program the cloud. The company also announced the commercial availability of its SaaS product today as well.

“Our customers are telling us that configuration sprawl is real, and that a consistent way of provisioning and continuously delivering cloud native infrastructure is vitally important,” added Eric Rudder — who is also the Executive Chairman of Pulumi. “Pulumi enables that uniform model and provides significant productivity and reliability benefits across cloud development models, whether teams choose VMs, containers or serverless.”

Pulumi has developed an open source SDK that enables cloud native infrastructure as code based on programming languages like JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and Go. And Pulumi’s SaaS platform offers an integrated approach to multi-cloud delivery of infrastructure, container applications, serverless applications, and managed services. Plus it works across public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

“Today’s announcement marks the culmination of several critical financial and technology milestones for Pulumi and redoubles our commitment to enabling teams to program the cloud,” explained Duffy — who is also the CEO of Pulumi. “This new funding will accelerate development and adoption of our open source platform, in addition to our Team Edition, to help organizations take maximum advantage of trends we are seeing in multi-cloud architectures, continuous software delivery, closer collaboration between developers and operators and the shift to cloud native computing.”