qbiq: AI-Based Real Estate Space Planning Company Raises $10 Million

By Annie Baker ● Sep 29, 2023

qbiq – a generative AI and visualization platform for real estate space planning – recently announced that it has raised $10 million in seed funding from strategic investors, including JLL Spark Global Ventures as well as 10D, Ocean Azul, Randomforest and M-FUND, to use generative AI to unlock the potential of any space and accelerate decision making. And this new funding round will continue to support qbiq’s rapid growth and deepen its market presence in the US.

The real-estate transactions depend on space planning decisions based on questions of fit, cost, and ROI optimization. And this creates the need for a quick turnaround time and high-scale architectural planning capabilities that could enable fast, space-driven business decisions. However, architectural planning is a manual process that has remained stagnant and remains one of the biggest bottlenecks in real estate transactions.

Architects must apply specific requirements within a given space and provide the best potential layout alternatives, considering best practices, building constraints, and local regulations while aiming to optimize cost, utilization, efficiency, and more. And architects still have to try to solve these complex Hard Combinatorial Geometrical problems by drawing space plans line-by-line, using drawing tools like AutoCAD, which is a  very long and time-consuming process.

qbiq’s generative AI and visualization platform has been delivering the most advanced technology for space design and optimization in the real estate industry, accomplishing in a matter of minutes what used to take weeks. And the platform enables its users to input any space layout and design requirements and seamlessly receive a full planning package with multiple optimized layouts and 3D visualizations, immediately unlocking the full potential of a particular space.

Through qbiq, brokers, landlords, and architects are now able to tailor any space to any potential tenant with any requirements. Plus, tenants can make decisions more efficiently, brokers can close deals faster, landlords save money from reduced vacancy due to shorter deal cycles, and architects can boost their planning capacity.

qbiq’s platform is based on multiple layers of technology, including an AI layer with a vast amount of architectural planning data and best practices, geometrical optimization engines, parallel cloud computing, and a regulation layer. And after users submit their preferences on qbiq’s platform, the AI engines generate thousands of alternatives and compare the results within seconds. Once the optimal alternative is finalized, the platform automatically produces high-res 3D virtual tours, enabling full visualization of the new space from the inside.

So far, qbiq has already delivered more than 150 million square feet of AI-designed office space layouts to hundreds of users globally, including some of the biggest names in the industry like JLL, CBRE, Colliers International, Cresa, Perkins & Will, AECOM, Avison Young, etc. The demand for planning has been tripling every few weeks, and the number of users of qbiq’s platform has quadrupled since the beginning of this year.


“In an industry where the last significant technological leap happened over 30 years ago, we are long overdue for the next one. We are excited to bring one of the most cutting-edge generative AI technologies to the real estate industry for the first time. Since launching last year, our users have already experienced a significant boost in deal cycles and deal closing rates. Together with our strategic investors, we look forward to paving the way to real industry transformation.”

— Leeor Solnik, CEO and Co-Founder of qbiq

“qbiq’s AI-based platform enables our deep bench of global real estate advisors to provide exemplary client service with innovative software tools that accelerate transaction time across multiple JLL business lines. Not only do we expect to increase our volume and closure rates with qbiq’s planning and design solution, but our partnership will contribute to the language model with the sheer amount of data available at JLL and position qbiq as a dominant market leader.”

— Raj Singh, Managing Partner of JLL Spark

“qbiq enables us to produce test fits in 24-48 hours instead of one to two weeks, facilitating quicker decision-making and reducing costs for our team. It’s the most effective technology we’ve experienced for rapidly generating space plan scenarios.”

— Luigi Sciabarrasi, AECOM Senior Vice President, Global Real Estate

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