Quick Base Is Acquiring Cloud-Based Integration And Automation Platform Cloudpipes

By Dan Anderson ● August 19, 2019
  • Market-leading cloud platform Quick Base recently announced that it is acquiring Cloudpipes. These are the details behind the deal.

Quick Base — a market-leading cloud platform for developing integrated and custom-tailored business applications — has announced the first low-code development platform to enable users to easily create powerful business applications that automate processes across on-premise systems and cloud applications. And Quick Base also acquired Cloudpipes (a leading cloud-based integration and automation platform) in order to start releasing its combined platform later this year.

Earlier this year, Vista Equity Partners — the private equity firm founded by billionaire philanthropist Robert F. Smith — had acquired a majority stake in Quick Base from Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe in a deal reportedly valued at more than $1 billion.

“The acquisition of Cloudpipes represents a big step forward in our strategic vision that will redefine the low-code category, and more importantly, give businesses something they now need – a platform that can connect their data and unite their people across the enterprise on a common development platform,” said Quick Base CEO Rick Willett. “Every business is now built with software, and success requires a wide range of people working together to create applications that are connected, custom-tailored and continuously improved. It became very obvious to us that to accomplish that goal we needed to make it easy to build powerful integrations and workflow automation, and Cloudpipes carries us years forward on our vision to deliver that.”

The new platform is going to provide enhanced integration functionality, including a visual integration builder, a workflow engine, and the ability to connect applications behind the firewall to other cloud services thus meeting the demand of more than 80% of Quick Base’s existing customer base who are already employing some type of integration. 

And Quick Base will be able to directly integrate with a wide range of business applications such as customer-relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERP), adding a customization layer to those systems of record on a common platform IT can govern centrally.

With Quick Base, users will now have a unified view across applications with the ability to push and pull data and insights from application to application and from legacy systems, automating workflows that have traditionally been out of reach or difficult to maintain.

Cloudpipes was founded by CEO Boris Raicheff, CCO Spartak Kabakchiev, and COO Marco Starace. And the company is a next-generation enterprise-grade Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) connecting hundreds of cloud and on-premise business applications. The Cloudpipes managed solution comes with an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual workflow designer, enabling even non-technical users to design and deploy complex workflow automations without the need for coding and infrastructure management that comes with traditional ESBs.

“Today’s enterprises face the challenge of disconnected data – the result of having multiple siloed systems that often don’t talk to each other, which leads to a lot of error-prone and repetitive manual work,” added Cloudpipes CEO Boris Raicheff. “By joining forces with Quick Base, we combine the best-in-class low-code application development platform with our advanced low-code integration and workflow automation platform. We see this as a unique opportunity to unlock tremendous value for customers and give Quick Base a significant edge in the market.”

Quick Base is considered a market leader in the low-code for business developers space with more than 5,400 customers serving businesses of all sizes across every industry including Southwest, Google, Sprint, and with users representing business and technical professionals across all functions.

The combined Quick Base and Cloudpipes team are working together to ensure that customers of each company see the value of the combined platform as soon as possible, which Quick Base expects to bring to market by the end of 2019. And existing Quick Base capabilities and partnerships such as Quick Base Sync, Quick Base Automations, Workato, and other partner integrations will continue to solve customer challenges with no immediate impact on current Quick Base offerings. Going forward, Quick Base will continue to support all existing Cloudpipes customers.

“In today’s low-code landscape, there is a critical need to enhance application integration and automation capabilities amidst a growing deficit of developer resources,” explained Jay Jamison, the chief product and technology officer at Quick Base. “This acquisition significantly speeds up our product roadmap to deploy a platform that fully integrates with other business applications, connects data from legacy systems, and offers robust native automation tools, helping address the most pressing needs of both functional technologists and IT developers.”