Radix: A Mission To Transform Decision-Making Processes By Offering Teams Data Visualization Tools

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 28, 2023

Radix Technologies aims to change how the industry makes decisions by equipping teams with real-time data and visualization tools that produce reliable and insightful market trends. Pulse 2.0 interviewed Radix Technologies chief marketing officer Nadav Avni to learn more.

Nadav Avni’s Background

Avni has over 15 years of experience in business, mainly working for international tech companies. And Avni said:

“In the last 4.5 years, I have led the marketing efforts at Radix, started as Marketing Director, and later got promoted to Chief Marketing Officer.”

“Being Chief Marketing Officer means you are involved in almost every major business decision. In my role today, I am overseeing the marketing department and responsible for execution, planning, and strategy. In addition, under my wing can be found account management/customer success, channel management, and some of the business development.”

Favorite Memory Working At Radix

What has been Avni’s favorite memory working for Radix? Avni shared:

“There are many good memories, but there is an ongoing one in terms of success, our decision almost four years ago to enter a new vertical, the telecom industry, helping telcos, operators, and service providers to manage their Android device fleets.”

Core Products

What are Radix’s core products? Avni explained:

“We provide IT admins and support teams an all-in-one easy-to-use management platform to manage those devices (in addition to other devices that they have), including app management, configuration, and settings management, remote support, monitoring and analysis (telemetry), OTA firmware updates and much more!”

“All major interactive flat panels manufacturers and vendors integrate our management platform in the firmware and promote under the Radix brand or white-label, and bundle a license with every panel purchase they paid to Radix. The added value is from two ends. The customer end provides a powerful management layer for their unique devices, and the manufacturer and vendor end provide ad-hoc support and OTA firmware updates.”

Evolution Of Radix

How has Radix evolved since launching? Avni noted:

“Radix was established in 1992, started as an ICT integrator, and over time shifted to software development. In the last ten years, the company has built a device management platform. I am proud to say that since inception, Radix has been bootstrapped and profitable while showing steady growth.”

“With digital transformation and its acceleration by the coronavirus pandemic, organizations are looking more than ever for remote management solutions to keep their smart devices, the backbone of their operation, healthy, patched and tuned to their mission.”

“The high demand for our ‘bread and butter’ business helped us accelerate growth in the last few years. We have been doubling sales in the last three years. Radix delivers cutting-edge device management solutions.”

“Our mission is to consolidate all the organization’s devices, related work processes, and stakeholders in one easy-to-use management platform.”

“The management platform is OS and device agnostic, covering all device management aspects: app management, configuration, and settings management, remote support, monitoring and analysis (telemetry), OTA firmware updates, and much more!”

“Organizations using our management platform keep their devices healthy, patched, and tuned to their mission while reducing operational complexity and customer churn, saving time and money, and increasing overall satisfaction.”

“When looking at our management platform since I started to work for Radix 4.5 years ago, the platform has become much more robust in every aspect:

UI – was always user-friendly, changed twice, and today is faster and feature-rich more than ever.

Supported devices – We are considered Android first however, today, we are OS and device agnostic, enabling organizations to manage all devices in one easy-to-use management platform.

Tools to all stakeholders – every stakeholder in the organization has the relevant set of tools with a unique UI (IT admins, support teams, executives, project managers, finance, marketing, developers, smart device manufacturers and vendors, etc.).

End-to-end management capabilities – Today, we cover all device management aspects: app management, configuration, and settings management, remote support, monitoring and analysis (telemetry), OTA firmware updates, and much more!

If I need to put this in chronological order

1.) Shifting to software development and having our device management platform

2.) Partner with Google and become a Google EMM provider

3.) Trusted by leading global smart device manufacturers and vendors, integrating us in the firmware and promoting under the Radix brand or white-label

4.) Considered the industry standard for managing interactive flat panels

5.) Entering a new vertical, the telecom industry, and setting a new standard for Android device management.

Differentiation From The Competition

What differentiates Radix from the competition? Avni affirmed:

“When you look at the device management market, Radix has more than 100 competitors at different levels. Our management platform is OS and devices agnostic but considered Android first.”

“We are mainly targeting Android-based smart device manufacturers and vendors or organizations whose operation is relying on Android devices.”

“As already mentioned, we are considered the industry standard for interactive flat panels, and we aim to do so in many other verticals such as the telecom industry, hospitality, digital signage, etc.”

“Our unique differentiation:

— We run on AWS and are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and ISO 27001

— We are OS and device-agnostic

— We offer a modular platform that can be customized to any use case

— We provide tools to all stakeholders with the relevant set of tools and a unique UI

— Unlike many of our competitors that mainly focus on the EMM layer, we also focus on the MDM layer. Our platform is built bottom-up, harnessing low-level APIs, and can manage the device in a very comprehensive way. We are able to do so because we are trusted and integrated in the firmware by many leading global smart device manufacturers and vendors.

Future Goals

What are Radix’s future company goals? Avni concluded:

— Make our management platform more robust

— Stick to our core values: innovation, agility, and excellence, meaning being first and best in the market

— Grow our great partnership with leading global smart device manufacturers vendors and channel partners

— Enter more verticals and become the industry standard for device management

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