Report: Rahul Vohra And Todd Goldberg Are Launching A Venture Fund

By Amit Chowdhry ● Oct 27, 2019
  • Serial entrepreneurs Rahul Vohra and Todd Goldberg are preparing to launch a venture capital fund

Serial entrepreneurs Rahul Vohra and Todd Goldberg are reportedly working on raising capital for a new venture fund. Vohra is known for building the $30 per month email service called Superhuman and for selling Rapportive to LinkedIn. And Goldberg founded Mailjoy, Something People Want, and Eventjoy.

According to Kate Clark of TechCrunch, Vohra and Goldberg are circulating a pitch deck to raise $4 million for a debut angel fund. Both Vohra and Goldberg did not respond to TechCrunch.

Superhuman has raised $33 million in funding led by  Andreessen Horowitz with a $260 million valuation. As of June 2019, Superhuman had an estimated 15,000 subscribers and there were over 180,000 on the waiting list.

“Superhuman has become an aspirational brand and product that many SaaS companies want to emulate,” says the pitch deck published by Vohra and Goldberg. “Founders of these companies seek out Rahul as an investor. This helps us get into the hottest rounds — even the closed ones.”

Some of the companies that Vohra or Goldberg invested in so far include Apero, Clearbit, Tandem, Easypost, Command E, Digi-prex. Mercury, and Future. Vohra and Goldberg have both participated in the Y Combinator startup program.

The pitch deck says that they plan to make 25 to 35 deals with check sizes that range between $50,000 to $150,000. And they will be investing in companies that are in the “prosumerization” of enterprise and business space.

In the pitch deck, Vohra and Goldberg also cite their experience as operators and connections to Y Combinator, startup founders, and relationships to angel investors as an advantage. Generally, founders often look for established entrepreneurs for their cap tables for such resources.

Featured image credit: Superhuman