Randi Zuckerberg: Using A ‘Pick-Three’ Method For Balancing Life

By Amit Chowdhry ● November 23, 2019
  • Zuckerberg Media CEO Randi Zuckerberg uses a “pick-three” method for balancing life. Here is how it works.

Zuckerberg Media CEO Randi Zuckerberg has come up with a simple way to balance life. In a book called Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day), Zuckerberg describes a method for picking three of the most important aspects of life to focus on every day.

Everyone struggles to balance fitness, career decisions, spending time with family and friends, dieting, etc. And Zuckerberg pointed out that you cannot achieve anything of significance by striving to do it in just 24 hours.

The idea of picking three came to Zuckerberg while she was speaking on a panel at an event. One of the questions Zuckerberg often gets asked is how she balances being a mom and having a career. This question frustrates Zuckerberg since men on panels rarely get asked that question. While she normally responded to the question by giving a generic answer about balancing all of it, one day she acknowledged that the only way to be set up for success is by realistically doing three things well every day.

For Zuckerberg’s schedule, she decides between work, sleep, family, friends, and fitness. She picks three items from that list and then chooses a different combination of three again the next day. And as long as everything is picked over the long run, then it solves the time management dilemma.

The friends category also includes hobbies and interests outside of work. And the fitness category includes physical fitness, stress management, and healthy eating.

It is not realistic to put your full efforts into all of those categories at the same time. So it is better to excel in just a few every day.

Featured image credit: Randi Zuckerberg

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