Wealth Management Solutions Company Realized Secures $6 Million

By Dan Anderson ● September 12, 2019
  • Technology-enabled platform Realized announced that it raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Calibrate Ventures and joined by Rice Park Capital

Realized — a technology-enabled platform that provides wealth management solutions for investment properties — recently announced that it raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Calibrate Ventures and joined by Rice Park Capital. This round of funding will be used to expand the real estate platform’s team and technology.

What does Realized do? Realized enables investors to tax-efficiently redeploy equity from legacy investment properties into diversified (by property type, geography, tenant, and more) passive income portfolios customized to their needs. And using 1031 “like-kind” exchanges and other tax-deferment mechanisms, Realized works with investors to co-invest in diversified commercial property portfolios that are designed to offer potential income without landlord responsibilities.

“When we launched Realized three years ago, our goal was to provide individual investors with a holistic, transparent solution to tax-efficiently trade out of their investment properties,” said Realized CEO David Wieland. “The additional capital allows us to expand the Realized platform to serve more families, planning-centric investment advisors, CPAs, and attorneys seeking to deliver value to their clients considering 1031 exchanges.”


A 1031 exchange — which gets its name from IRC Section 1031 — allows an investor to defer the capital gains on the sale of investment property by reinvesting the proceeds from the sale within specific time limits in “like-kind” property or properties of equal or greater value.

“Institutions and large endowments have long invested in diverse commercial property portfolios for the attractive risk-adjusted returns. Realized provides families, individuals, and their financial advisors the ability to co-invest in professionally managed commercial property investments that historically have been out of their reach. Additionally, the company empowers investors with the sophisticated diversification and tax-efficient techniques that can make real estate such a powerful option for generational wealth transfer,” added Calibrate Ventures co-founder Kevin Dunlap.

The Realized platform connects accredited 1031 exchange investors with experienced real estate operators seeking co-investment capital for high-quality properties. With the platform, investors can compare and evaluate a variety of 1031-qualified co-investment options and develop a sophisticated portfolio reinvestment plan with the assistance of trained real estate professionals.

“Local rental properties may be a great way to build wealth, but they do not align with retirees’ investment and lifestyle goals — they are labor-intensive by nature and lack diversification,” explained Nicholas Smith of Rice Park Capital. “Using a 1031 exchange to defer the tax liability on appreciated properties is only part of the solution. Realized allows property owners to tax-efficiently rebalance their exposure to alternative assets, as their goals move from growth to income and lifestyle preservation.”