Recruiting Platform WizeHire Raises $7.5 Million

By Annie Baker ● Feb 23, 2021
  • WizeHire — a user-friendly hiring solution for small businesses — recently announced the closing of $7.5 million in Series A funding co-led by Amplo and Mercury

WizeHire — a user-friendly hiring solution for small businesses — recently announced the closing of $7.5 million in Series A funding co-led by Amplo and Mercury. And additional investors include existing backers Ruchit Shah and RigUp co-founder Sandeep Jain.

WizeHire plans to use the funding to provide small businesses a faster, easier hiring experience previously only available to large corporations. And this includes creating more personalized resources to address clients’ unique hiring needs, hiring more support staff and expanding its partner program to build a network of experts in its key industries of real estate, insurance, mortgage, legal and hospitality.

Most small business owners do not have the time or resources to hire the right talent. And recruiters and staffing services are too expensive. Plus horizontal job platforms do not cater to specific industry needs. WizeHire offers convenience and quality for an affordable price, helping businesses find and hire the best candidates with expert coaching and software that simplifies the recruiting process.

The U.S. unemployment rate was 6.3% in January and over 10 million people remained out of work. And as more service-oriented industries get ready for the rebound following COVID-19, employers must be equipped with the resources they need to find the right talent in their local labor market. WizeHire delivers a service that is hyper-personalized for different industries. By digging deeper into what it takes to hire in each sector, WizeHire offers a custom solution based on an industry’s unique hiring challenges.

Over 7,000 businesses use WizeHire to help them attract top talent and simplify their recruiting process. And the company recorded $4.7 million in run rate in 2020, seeing its highest year-over-year growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic. During the height of the pandemic, WizeHire had launched a free version of its product to help small businesses rehire, and partnered with lenders for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to make relief more accessible to local businesses.


“We’re a small business helping small businesses with a team of people looking out for you. Hiring is complex and personal. Our customers see what we do not just as software; they see us as a trusted advisor.”

— Sid Upadhyay, WizeHire’s co-founder and CEO

“WizeHire is focused on a future where small business owners have easy access to the elevated hiring experience large corporations already have. They’re not just creating a better alternative to current recruiting solutions; they’re giving employers more peace of mind about the hiring process so they can get back to building their business.”

— Amplo’s Sam Garcia, who will join WizeHire’s board

“We are thrilled to support WizeHire’s opportunity to define talent acquisition for small businesses. By systematically helping hiring managers align company values, behavioral competencies, technical skills and industry requirements to identify the best candidate, WizeHire is enabling their clients to maximize productivity, reduce turnover cost and increase customer loyalty.”

— Heath Butler, Managing Director at Mercury, who will also join WizeHire’s board