Red Hat And Accenture (ACN) Expanding Hybrid Cloud Partnership

By Amit Chowdhry ● May 9, 2022
  • Red Hat and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has expanded their nearly 12-year strategic partnership to further power open hybrid cloud innovation. These are the details.

Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) have expanded their nearly 12-year strategic partnership to further power open hybrid cloud innovation for enterprises worldwide. These companies are jointly investing in the co-development of new solutions to help organizations more seamlessly navigate a multi- and hybrid cloud world, define their strategy, and accelerate their pace of innovation to get to value faster.

Through the combination of Accenture Cloud First and Red Hat OpenShift, organizations are better equipped to embrace the cloud continuum – a range of capabilities, from public to private to edge computing, all connected by modern networks and built with a zero-trust security mindset – to accelerate enterprise reinvention. A hybrid solution brings the public cloud benefits of innovation, speed, consumption, and scale with private cloud advantages of regulatory compliance, performance, and data gravity.

Red Hat and Accenture are co-developing new solutions over the next year with an initial focus on the following 4 areas:

1.) Open hybrid cloud application and mainframe modernization – With the boundaries for public and private cloud blurring and no one-size-fits-all solution, Accenture and Red Hat have been helping clients develop a holistic cloud strategy that embraces hybrid to enable greater operational efficiency and drive innovation based on Red Hat OpenShift.

2.) Automation – As organizations continue to modernize, they need consistent, resilient, and standardized solutions for managing their cloud estate. And Accenture and Red Hat are developing solutions that automate and orchestrate workloads across the IT infrastructure to reduce risk and lower costs of technology operations. This includes the development of Accenture solutions on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to deliver stable, automated cloud computing capabilities. As a result, the companies helped one client achieve a 99% reduction in downtime for rolling upgrades, a 100% reduction in downtime for operating system patching, and a 50% faster development time through infrastructure as code.

3.) Edge Computing – The scale and complexity of data created by connected devices are continuously pushing the limits of network and infrastructure capabilities. And the new solutions under development by Red Hat and Accenture are focused on analyzing and processing data where it is generated to improve the customer experience and reduce latency. With Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, applications can be deployed and automated at the edge, reducing dependency on a physical footprint.

4.) Sovereign Cloud – Organizations are navigating an intricate patchwork of technology solutions while aligning with new, emerging industry standards and compliance requirements in various countries and sectors. Accenture and Red Hat are jointly committed to helping clients control the location, access to, and processing of their data in the cloud through open source technologies and services.

Red Hat and Accenture have worked together to deliver transformative outcomes for hundreds of organizations across industries. For example, Finanz Informatik worked with Red Hat and Accenture to implement an ambitious next-level multi-channel architecture for its core banking applications. And using Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, with strategic support from Accenture, Finanz Informatik modernized its IT infrastructure to significantly improve business agility and more quickly respond to evolving customer needs.


“Operating in the hybrid cloud enables customers to optimize their existing systems with the added layers and capabilities necessary to support innovation and efficiency at scale. At Red Hat, we believe that success not only lies in the technical components we bring to the cloud, but also with the impactful partnerships that drive successful implementations and business outcomes. Our long-standing collaboration with Accenture means that customers have access to the open source solutions they need and expertise they can trust to navigate the complexities of open hybrid cloud and grow their business where it needs to be – in the cloud.”

– Stefanie Chiras, senior vice president, Partner Ecosystem Success, Red Hat

“Organizations are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud to help overcome complex challenges around core business functions like customer service and supply chain, and to drive growth and innovation. Through our expanded alliance with Red Hat, we can further help clients embrace the cloud continuum to enable greater operational efficiency and drive innovation.”

– Raj Wickramasinghe, Hybrid and Emerging Platform lead, Accenture

“Our business-critical applications are used every day by nearly 400 financial institutions, so regulatory compliance, security and reliability are crucial. Our hybrid cloud strategy is critical for helping us drive resilience while balancing agility with stability and security. By using OpenShift and Ansible Automation we took a pioneering step forward to embrace the private cloud to continuously deliver innovation while delivering a seamless experience and maintaining the performance of our own technology estate. It was a great experience working with Accenture and Red Hat on this project and together pushing the envelope.”

– Robert Bersdorf, division head for multi-channel applications, Finanz Informatik