Rivos: RISC-V Accelerated Platform Company Raises Over $250 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Apr 16, 2024

Rivos, a RISC-V accelerated platform company targeting data analytics and Generative AI, announced it had raised over $250 million in its oversubscribed Series A-3 funding round. Matrix Capital Management, the largest investor in this round, joined the Board, represented by Romit Shah. This funding round also saw participation from new investors, such as Intel Capital, MediaTek, Cambium Capital, CIDC, Capital TEN, and Hotung Venture Group, and additional participation from existing investors Walden Catalyst, Dell Technologies Capital, Koch Disruptive Technologies, and VentureTech Alliance.

The funding round will enable the company to roll out its first silicon product and meet increasing customer demand by expanding manufacturing operations, hardware, software engineering, and support.

Rivos offers power-optimized chips combining high-performance server-class RISC-V CPUs and a Data Parallel Accelerator (a GPGPU optimized for large language models – or LLMs – and data analytics) that run with current software programming models and rack server constraints. This CPU and parallel computation integration sharing a uniform memory across DDR DRAM and HBM is optimal for current models and databases that run on terabytes of data.


“The rapid changes in LLMs and the merger with the data analytics stack makes it vital that accelerators be easy to program and debug, and that data can seamlessly move between CPU and accelerator. Rivos addresses this need through our recompile-not-redesign approach. I’m grateful for Matrix’s vote of confidence in this approach and pleased to welcome Romit to the Board.”

– Puneet Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Rivos

“Rivos quickly became an active participant in the community. The depth of experience from the Rivos engineers has enabled RISC-V to leap ahead in ISA, system and security specifications.” On the software side Rivos was an instigator of the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) initiative.”

– Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International

“Expanding the application of data analytics and large language models to encompass not just traditional data types such as text, images, and video, but also genomic and medical data, unlocks unprecedented opportunities for innovation in research and treatment. The Rivos team has adeptly integrated the groundbreaking new RISC-V architecture with an inventive accelerator, effectively bringing this vision to life. Their prototype chip serves as a compelling demonstration of their unique capability to leverage the advanced TSMC 3nm process node – a feat few startups have managed to achieve. We eagerly anticipate furthering our support for the company’s move into new realms of achievement, marking each milestone with shared enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.”

– David Goel, Managing General Partner of Matrix Capital Management