S2 Genomics: Tissue Sample Preparation Company Raises Series A

By Noah Long • Jan 23, 2024

S2 Genomics – a leading manufacturer of tissue sample preparation systems for single-cell genomics assays – announced today that it has raised $16 million in Series A funding from BroadOak Capital Partners and Research Corporation Technologies (RCT).

This funding round will help S2 Genomics accelerate the commercial adoption of its benchtop Singulator platform. It utilizes single-use cartridges to enable reproducible, rapid, and automated tissue dissociations into single-cell or nuclei suspensions. And customers use suspensions of nuclei and high-viability cells produced by the Singulator to advance neuroscience and oncology research.

Since its first commercial launch in 2020, Singulator has been adopted globally by leading academic research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and service providers. The Singulator platform comprises three components: an easy-to-use benchtop instrument, single-use consumables, and a growing list of more than 80 validated protocols for single-cell or single nuclei sample preparation from different tissue types.

The reproducibility and precision of the Singulator platform removes a major bottleneck for conducting single cell genomics research, enabling more scientists to process more samples for single cell genomic applications.


“We’ve seen a tremendous response from customers using the Singulator platform. Additional funding will help us further grow our customer base and add new applications to the Singulator platform. In addition to their investment, BroadOak and RCT bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in our field, and we look forward to their support to drive our next stage of growth.”

– Jonathan Schimmel, President and CEO of S2 Genomics

“We’re excited to partner with S2 Genomics and the experienced team Jonathan has assembled to accelerate commercial growth. The Singulator platform tackles major scalability challenges in single cell genomics and makes it easier for new customers to access single cell applications.”

– Anup Parikh, Operating Partner of BroadOak Capital Partners