Science On Call: $2.6 Million Closed To Develop AI-Powered Help Desk For Restaurants

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 18, 2023

Science On Call – an AI-powered help desk for restaurants – recently announced the successful completion of a $2.6 million seed financing round led by York IE, with participation from Bread & Butter Ventures, Relish Works Capital Investments, Groove Capital, Connetic Ventures, Redstick VC, and Phoenix Club. And this investment marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to pave the way in transforming how restaurants manage their tech challenges.

In an industry where burnout among restaurant employees is a major concern, Science On Call has a goal to alleviate this issue by harnessing the power of technology. And restaurant employees often face an overwhelming workload exacerbated by tech-related hurdles that can disrupt operations and reduce efficiency. By offering lightning-fast 24/7/365 tech support services, Science On Call empowers restaurant staff to eliminate burnout and focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Science On Call’s database of technology resolutions – accumulated from collaborating with hundreds of restaurants – empowers its team of restaurant technologists to deliver real-time solutions, often within minutes. And this approach streamlines restaurant operations and minimizes internal IT spending, allowing restaurants to focus on what they do best – providing exceptional dining experiences to their customers.

Science On Call provides solutions that address the biggest problems in the restaurant industry, ranging from point-of-sale systems to internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, online ordering platforms, email, and phone systems. With the new funding round of $2.6 million in seed financing, the company is set to expand its product offerings and enhance its go-to-market strategy. This includes the addition of two industry powerhouses to drive these initiatives, including seasoned entrepreneur Maia Tekle and product development expert Ron Hoffner, further underlining Science On Call’s dedication to enhancing its offerings and delivering top-notch solutions.

Along with securing substantial seed financing, Science On Call has garnered recognition from industry-leading customers who have utilized the power of its tech support services. From established names such as Gregorys Coffee, Go Get Em Tiger Coffee, &pizza, and Primanti Bros, to fast-growing brands, these companies have identified that choosing Science On Call is synonymous with choosing growth.

The success of Science On Call’s funding underscores the strong resonance its vision and tenacity have found with investors. And the company’s commitment to being a first mover in the restaurant tech support space, coupled with its unparalleled ability to gather and leverage platform-agnostic data, has positioned it as a game-changer within the industry.

As the company scales operations with the newly acquired seed funding, Science On Call is able to solidify its position as an industry leader, transforming restaurant tech support through cutting-edge AI-driven solutions.


“Today’s funding is a heartfelt testament to our unwavering commitment to usher in a technology revolution in the restaurant industry. We understand the relentless demands faced by restaurant teams, the late nights and early mornings, the dedication that goes into crafting memorable dining experiences. With this financing, we are equipped to conquer the tech troubles that often add unnecessary stress – ensuring that restaurants across the nation experience a smooth ‘service’ every day.”

— Andy Freivogel, CEO and co-founder of Science On Call

“Over the years, &pizza has made substantial investments in our tech stack. We were very thoughtful about what we built and followed suit about whether we could outsource tech support for our shops. Science On Call is focused entirely on restaurants, and their platform is tailored toward tech-forward concepts. They respond to challenges instantly, solve problems quickly and cost-effectively allowing our IT leadership to focus on differentiation through innovation and strategy.”

— Michael Lastoria, CEO, &pizza

“We believe that Science On Call’s unique approach to tech support, combined with their dedication to understanding the restaurant industry’s pain points, sets them apart. Their innovative use of AI and machine learning to provide rapid and effective solutions has the potential to revolutionize the employee experience within restaurants.”

— Marshall Everson, Vice President of Investments, York IE and new addition to the Science On Call board of directors