Scrabulous Relaunches Under A New Facebook App Name Called Wordscraper

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 30, 2008

Pulse 2.0 commenter Adam Rinkleff pointed out that Scrabulous has relaunched into a new game called Wordscraper.  This news comes one day after the blogosphere reported that Scrabulous, an application created by Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Aggarwalla, was shut-down.

Below is the description of the new game:

Welcome to Wordscraper. It’s the only game on Facebook that allows you to play the game the way you want to! With Wordscraper you can build your own board and try out whacky combinations with special high value squares.

The game is turn based, so you need not be online for very long periods. Plus, we also give you the option to store a board layout. This saves time when you want to play new games with the same layout.

So give it a try, you will love it. Don’t follow rules, make them!

The new game already has close to 200 daily active users.  What will EA and Hasbro do about this game?  Hopefully nothing.

Click here to add the new application.