Second Front Systems: $40 Million Raised To Accelerate Delivery Of Software Solutions To The Government

By Amit Chowdhry ● Nov 30, 2023

Second Front Systems (2F) – a public-benefit software company accelerating the delivery of mission-critical software solutions to the government – recently announced a Series B funding round of $40 million. The funding round was led by NEA, with current investors Moore Strategic Ventures and AEI HorizonX also participating. This brings Second Front’s total funding to date to $80.1 million.

Second Front has experienced over threefold growth year-over-year, expanding support across the USG and internationally with an initial focus on the United Kingdom, Australia, and NATO. This funding accelerates expanded capabilities across classified networks and additional security regimes. And organizations such as Aalyria and Adarga leverage Game Warden to rapidly deploy their software to government customers worldwide, while AFWERX Prime recently selected Game Warden to support a significant USAF Autonomy program.

Aaron Jacobson will join the Board of Directors at Second Front on NEA’s behalf, with Dan Miller serving as an Observer. Jacobson joins Drew Podgorski of Moore Capital, Matt Conner of Westinghouse Electric, Peter Dixon, and Tyler Sweatt on the Board.

This announcement follows the opening of Second Front’s UK office, the selection of Game Warden for AFWERX Prime, and the appointments of Matt Conner as an independent board member and Lathan Turner as EVP of Global Public Sector.


“This significant investment represents a strong vote of confidence in the Second Front team, our vision for the Game Warden platform, and the value we’re delivering for our customers. By removing the complexity from deploying and consuming commercial software across the public sector, we’re transforming the relationship between two critical communities while improving national security. Doing this without sacrificing security or transparency will have a generational impact not only on the safety of nations, but on the day-to-day lives of those working to defend them.”

  • Tyler Sweatt, CEO, Second Front Systems

“Deploying software to government purchasers has historically been a challenging, expensive, and time-consuming process – so much so that many companies have shied away from doing so altogether. We are thrilled to lead this investment in Second Front because they thoroughly and instantly change that landscape for business-to-government focused organizations, allowing them to bring software to the government market within days, not years. By shortening the process of receiving an Authority to Operate while also drastically reducing cost, Second Front ensures technological advancement at a governmental level while also enabling an entirely new market of software companies to flourish in the broader market.”

  • Aaron Jacobson, Partner, NEA