All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform Sendinblue Raises $160 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Oct 5, 2020
  • Sendinblue — a leading all-in-one digital marketing platform — announced it has raised $160 million in a Series B funding. These are the details.

Sendinblue — a leading all-in-one digital marketing platform — announced it has raised $160 million in a Series B funding, marking the highest fundraising round for any all-in-one marketing platform in the U.S. and Europe. The investors in this round are Bridgepoint, Bpifrance, and BlackRock with Partech reinvesting from the previous $35 million in Series A funding round in 2017.

This investment will be used to drive product expansion to further support small and medium-sized businesses and accelerate growth in the North American market. And since 2018, Sendinblue has experienced 100% year-over-year growth in the U.S. and now serves more than 180,000 customers across the world.

Sendinblue was founded in 2012 and it has since grown rapidly, exceeding company annual growth rates of 60% in recent years. And since its 2017 funding round, Sendinblue has expanded from 100 to 400 employees globally, opened offices in Toronto after establishing a presence in Seattle to cater to the U.S., acquired MailClark and Newsletter2Go, and developed an enterprise offering to meet the growing needs of larger brands.

Unlike its rivals, Sendinblue offers the only all-in-one digital marketing solution developed for small and medium-sized businesses, covering tools such as email, SMS, marketing automation, sales management, and live chat. And as the leader in SMB digital marketing, Sendinblue offers best in class deliverability, the highest touch customer support, powerful integration into CRM systems, and affordability.


“In the wake of the pandemic, small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to be nimble to grow and even to survive. As a result, there’s been a stronger demand for tools that allow businesses to reach their customers more quickly and effectively. At Sendinblue, it’s not business as usual. We know it’s survival of the fittest and the most agile. Our products help that happen.”

— Armand Thiberge, founder and CEO of Sendinblue

“Sendinblue is positioned in a growing market as more and more SMBs are going digital, especially in the past few months of lockdown. We seek investments that meet a critical market need. Sendinblue is the perfect example of a company that will make an impact.”

— Olivier Nemsguern, Partner at Bridgepoint

“We have invested in Sendinblue because the company offers innovative solutions for SMBs and has a strong track record of achieving high growth in the U.S. and European market. We’ve seen that Sendinblue’s value is globally extensible and will increase in importance as integrated marketing becomes more important.”

— Louis Molis, investment director at Bpifrance

“Sendinblue has quickly become the leading digital-marketing platform for SMBs. As demand for all in one platforms increases, Sendinblue has a unique ability to succeed. We are thrilled to continue to support Sendinblue as the company accelerates its next phase of international growth.”

— Bruno Crémel, General Partner at Partech