ServiceNow (NOW) Announces New Features For Improving Customer Efficiency

By Amit Chowdhry ● May 12, 2022
  • ServiceNow Inc (NYSE: NOW) has announced three new Now Platform features to help enterprises advance digital transformation efforts. These are the details.

ServiceNow Inc (NYSE: NOW) has announced three new Now Platform features to help enterprises advance digital transformation efforts. The new features include ways to unlock productivity, low-code governance, and innovation.

Smarter Experiences

Generally, when IT issues occur, the end-users turn to the help desk with a high number of tickets. And then agents reach out to operations co-workers for pinpointing the cause of the problem.

ServiceNow’s new Service Operations Workspace streamlines this process by providing a single place for collaborative work management. And IT services and IT operations teams will gain shared visibility into issues, customers, agents, and operations. By collaborating, teams can solve issues fast. Customers can benefit from reduced downtime, improved experience, increased efficiency, Service Operations Workspace, and scalable innovation.

Scalable Innovation

The App Engine Management Center enables governance end to end. And the turnkey solution enables platform admins to apply standards and set development guardrails, providing centralized management of all aspects of low-code app development—from application intake to collaboration and deployment tasks to pipeline monitoring.

By supporting both business agility and IT standardization simultaneously, App Engine Management Center can help improve innovation speed. And it can deliver complete visibility and reduce cost, risk, and inefficiency.

In addition, a new Citizen Development Center of Excellence web experience simplifies the content search. And this can help customers quickly locate the information they need to build a successful citizen development program with App Engine.

Streamlined Government Services

Citizens rely on government services for many things, from pothole repair to vocational rehabilitation to vehicle registration. And historically, the citizen experience to report issues, requesting benefits, and applying for permits has been plagued by paper forms, manual processes, suboptimal websites, and more.

Governments are in need of automated, transparent, and optimized processes. And the Public Sector Digital Services can help government agencies deliver better experiences and resolve issues fast. The out-of-the-box data models and workflows enable governments to speed innovation so citizens can quickly and easily request services and report issues—and have greater visibility into the process.

App Engine Management Center and Public Sector Digital Services are both available for current ServiceNow customers in the ServiceNow Store. Service Operations Workspace is expected to be generally available in June 2022.