Toronto-Based Setter Raises $10 Million To Help Homeowners With Maintenance

By Annie Baker ● November 5, 2018

Setter, a Toronto-based company that helps homeowners with maintenance, has announced that it has raised $10 million in Series A funding. This round of funding was co-led by Sequoia Capital and NFX. Hustle Fund also participated in this round of funding.

This round of funding brings Setter to a total of $12 million. Last year, Setter raised a $2 million seed round from Sequoia, Hustle Fund, and Avichal Garg.

In conjunction with this round, Sequoia partner Jess Lee is going to join Setter’s board of directors. And NFX managing partner and Trulia founder Pete Flint will join the board in an advisory capacity. With this round of funding, Setter plans to expand across North America.

“Homeownership is both a joy and a burden. Maintaining a home can be time-consuming, frustrating and overwhelming,” said Lee. “Home maintenance is a $700 billion market ripe for change, and Setter has built a delightful, seamless experience for homeowners that removes the hassle and gives you your time back. We’re excited to help introduce Setter to the rest of North America.”

Another major announcement that Setter made is that the service is now available for homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before that, Setter was available in Toronto.

“We created Setter to help busy homeowners enjoy their homes and worry less about the logistics of home maintenance,” said Setter co-founder and CEO Guillaume Laliberté. “Our mission is to create a home maintenance experience that is so convenient and reliable that it becomes invisible. We are thrilled for this next chapter as we expand into the San Francisco Bay Area with the support of Sequoia, NFX and Hustle Fund on this journey.”

How does Setter work? The service connects homeowners with personal Home Managers through the Setter mobile app available on iOS and Android. The Home Managers provide a seamless single-point-of-contact that makes it easy to book more than 100 home maintenance and repair services that range from window cleaning, landscaping, furnace installation, and countertop replacements. And the Home Managers handles the entire process from finding and vetting professionals to scheduling the jobs to completion and payment. Plus the Home Managers give expert advice and recommendations on home care.

“In home maintenance, consumers often find themselves dealing with inconsistent service, variable pricing, multiple points of contact, and outdated businesses,” added Flint. “Compared to other consumer service industries, the home maintenance industry feels increasingly out of date. Consumers are frustrated, and they deserve better. We believe Setter is the right team and product to transform home maintenance, delivering customers with the experience they want, need, and expect.”

Setter was launched in Toronto a couple of years ago by David Steckel and Guillaume Laliberté. And the leadership behind the company have more than a decade of home building and renovation experiences.