Sharmistha Dubey Named As CEO Of Match Group

By Annie Baker ● January 29, 2020
  • Match Group announced that after 14 years, Mandy Ginsberg is going to be departing from the company. And Shar Dubey will now assume that role.

Match Group announced that after 14 years, Mandy Ginsberg is going to be departing from the company and is also stepping down from the board of directors. And Ginsberg will be passing the baton to Shar Dubey — who currently serves as the President of Match Group. Dubey will assume her role, effective on March 1.

Dubey has been a key leader within Match Group for 14 years. And over the past two years, she served as Match Group’s President and has been a member of the Board since late 2019. Before her role as Match Group’s President, Dubey was the Chief Operating Officer of the Tinder business where she led the team that launched Tinder Gold, the portfolio’s most successful monetization feature in its history. Plus she also served as in a variety of other roles, including President of Match Group Americas and Chief Product Officer of the Match brand.

“Mandy has had a profound impact on Match Group’s culture, the team, and through the success of our products, the world. She recruited Shar to the company more than a decade ago, and it’s been incredible to witness what these two executives have built together. Mandy will always be a part of the Match Group family, wherever she is. But, if she will no longer be here, we cannot imagine a better successor than Shar. The Match Group leadership team has a deep bench of talent, and Shar, Gary and the team will continue to lead Match Group forward. Thank you, Mandy, for everything,” said Match Group Chairman Joey Levin.

Match also named Gary Swidler as Chief Operating Officer in addition to his role as Chief Financial Officer. Swidler has overseen all accounting and finance, investor relations, and corporate development activities since joining Match in late 2015. And in his new role, Swidler will also oversee corporate communications, market research, corporate strategy, data security, advertising, and user safety across the portfolio of brands.

Faye Iosotaluno has also been named as its Chief Strategy Officer and Justine Sacco as Chief Communications Officer. Going forward, both executives will continue to report to Swidler.

“It’s been a fantastic journey working with Mandy these last 14 years, and is very hard to imagine this company without her,” added Dubey. “I’m incredibly grateful that we have such a strong leadership team that will continue to drive the business forward. Gary is a fantastic partner, and together with the rest of the team, we’ve developed and are executing on a strong strategy, and we feel great about where we’re headed.”

Why is Ginsberg stepping down? In an internal note, Ginsberg wrote that in the past four months, her home was destroyed in Dallas due to a tornado and she had a number of “health hiccups.”

“I have been pretty public about the fact that after my mom and aunt died of ovarian cancer 15 years ago, I tested positive for the BRCA1 gene and at the time, opted for a preventative double mastectomy due to high risk of breast cancer. And 10 years later, just last Friday, I had to have another surgery due to an FDA recall of the implants, because they have been linked to cancer. It’s been a lot to handle. And while I expect to have a clean bill of health, short term I need to take care of myself and so will take some time off this year to do just that,” Ginsberg wrote. “So, with lots of emotion, I ultimately made the decision that this is the best timing for me personally, and for the business. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and in a few months, I expect Match Group will start its next chapter as a fully independent public company. Shar is going to do great things and you will all love working for her. I will really miss the business, but I will especially miss the people. You guys have made my career here so fun and exciting. I will be on the sidelines cheering from the top of my lungs. Keep spreading the love around the globe.”