Solvimon: Next-Generation Billing Company Raises €9 Million In Seed Funding

By Amit Chowdhry • Nov 20, 2023

Solvimon – a next-generation billing platform – recently announced it has raised €9 million from Northzone and select business angels. This seed funding round will be used to continue expanding the team and to accelerate go-to-market.

Launched by Kim Verkooij (CEO) and Etienne Gerts (CTO), Solvimon’s platform empowers mid to large businesses to effortlessly operationalise modern pricing methods. And this includes usage-based where customers pay only for what they consume, as well as hybrid models, which combine usage-based and traditional, user-based subscriptions.

Verkooij (formerly Adyen’s Vice President of Product) and Gerts (formerly Adyen’s SVP of Technology and part of the founding team), previously worked together to develop Adyen’s internal billing engine. The engine needed to support a usage-based model, handle the flexibility of tailored enterprise contracts, and handle enormous volume as it scaled globally. And the two founded Solvimon when they realized that the emergence of new technologies like AI was further accelerating the adoption of usage-based pricing models, but there was a clear lack of billing solutions for this new generation of business models.

Research from the venture fund Openview determined that as many as three in five software companies already offer usage-based pricing. But the complexity of usage-based billing at scale, using legacy or homegrown systems, remains one of the major barriers to adoption. All too often, the monetization of products is being dictated by inflexible billing systems.

Solvimon’s low-code and real-time platform enables companies to effortlessly implement usage-based, hybrid, and other pricing models. On Solvimon, businesses can model complex pricing plans, monitor invoices in real time and unlock insights into product usage to identify opportunities for revenue expansion and customer retention.

Unlike point solutions that solve specific problems in the billing process (metering/pricing/billing), Solvimon is unique in its ability to handle the entire monetization process. And this is end-to-end, from the point where sales teams generate deal terms, to where finance teams report on revenue. By having a single source of truth for all product pricing and revenue data, it streamlines operations across the organization and unlocks key business insights.


“While there has been innovation in pricing and metering solutions, businesses are still underserved. Their options are patching together point solutions or entering the expensive and time-consuming process of building a homegrown billing solution. There is a clear need for a flexible, yet end-to-end billing platform. We’re really happy to be partnering with the Northzone team. They have studied the space deeply and understand the scale and urgency of the problem we’re solving. Their conviction meant that we could close the round in just two weeks and get back to building the business.”

– Kim Verkooij, co-founder and CEO of Solvimon

“Having previously built Adyen’s complex internal billing engine, Kim and Etienne bring a wealth of unique insights and a deep understanding of the complexity of pricing for larger companies which are increasingly adopting hybrid business models. Billing and pricing software are mission-critical, and there is a strong need for a sophisticated end-to-end solution with a breadth of functionality”.

– Michiel Kotting, a partner at Northzone