Speedinvest: Fourth Flagship Fund Closed At €350 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Feb 10, 2024

Speedinvest announced that it had raised new capital to deepen its commitment to providing game-changing founder support and helping early-stage startups scale to global success. The final €350 million closing of Speedinvest 4 – which was €50 million above the initial target – brings the firm’s total assets raised for our fourth fund generation to more than €600 million, which includes follow-on vehicles to provide long-term funding to our existing portfolio.

From a €10 million fund in 2011 to a total AUM of more than €1 billion now, the firm is ready to make a meaningful impact on the success of the next generation of tech leaders.

Dedicated to new early-stage investments, Speedinvest held the first close for Speedinvest 4 in December 2022 at €300 million. And an additional €250 million was also raised in 2022 for selective follow-on co-investments in Speedinvest portfolio companies, bringing the 2022 vintage, including the additional €50 million announced today, to €600 million.

Several new LPs joined the final close of Speedinvest 4 including, Aviva, PwC Germany, Bitburger, ODDO BHF, and Abeille Assurances Ventures. And long-term investors, the European Investment Fund (EIF), and first-time investors Generali joined the first close alongside other globally recognized government funds, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and large family offices. Many of our founders have also committed funds, including from Bitpanda, GoStudent, Billie, Planetly, TWAICE, and Yokoy.

The sector-focused investment teams have already made multiple investments across Europe via Speedinvest 4, including Finres (Fintech / France), Surfboard (SaaS & Infra, UK), Fertifa (Health & TechBio, UK), cylib (Deep Tech, Germany), NeoCarbon (Climate & Industrial Tech, Germany) and Fairlyne (Marketplaces & Consumer, France). A majority of the companies have already raised successful follow-on rounds from tier-one VCs.

With 40+ investment managers across the continent and offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, and Vienna, SpeedInvest is proud to have built the largest Seed stage investment team in Europe across six dedicated vertical teams: Climate Tech & Industrial Tech, Deep Tech, Fintech, Health & TechBio, Marketplaces & Consumer, and SaaS & Infrastructure.


“Now more than ever, Speedinvest remains committed to its sole mission: helping companies build their category-defining business in the early days – when it matters the most. This incremental capital gives us even more firepower to support our courageous, innovative entrepreneurs in their journey to global success as we stay consistent with our target portfolio size. In times where access to capital in our industry has been the scarcest in the last ten or more years, reaching this milestone is an amazing testament to how investors share our vision of creating a pioneering, pan-European investment platform, which is both scalable and highly impactful for our portfolio companies, our LPs, and the wider European ecosystem.” 

– Oliver Holle, CEO and Managing Partner of Speedinvest

“Becoming an LP in Speedinvest and investing in some of the most promising new digital and tech firms will bring us closer to emerging technology and consumer trends, helping us create great outcomes for our customers.”

– Ben Luckett, Managing Director, Venture Capital, Aviva

“We are delighted to announce our commitment to Speedinvest 4, a new step in our journey towards fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Speedinvest has been a leading force in pan-European early-stage venture since 2011 and has become one of Europe’s largest and most active pre-Seed and Seed investors. By committing capital to this final close, we are strengthening our positioning as an investor of the European tech environment, fostering an innovation culture in our businesses to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers and stakeholders.”

– Madani Safsaf, Head of Abeille Assurances Ventures

“While we are driving innovation forward internally at PwC Germany, we also get inspired by new developments in the market every day. By being a corporate investor in Speedinvest we get the opportunity to support founders inventing new technologies and platforms  – ultimately contributing to long-term growth prospects and fostering the European innovation ecosystem.”

– Florian Nöll, Partner and Head of Corporate Development & Innovation, PwC Germany